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The Girl Who Hates Her Hair

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I Just Called To Say "I Hate You"

Twelve young girls stand before Tyra, but she only has eleven photos. The first name that she's going to call is...Melrose. Followed by Anchal, Amanda, Michelle, A.J., Caridee, Brooke, Eugena, Megg, and Monique. This, of course, leaves Jaeda and Megan. Oh, dear. Tyra notes that both of the girls have short haircuts, and both look strong to the eye. However, they both failed miserably at the photo shoot, and were lost underneath all the crazy wigness of it all. But maybe Jaeda can be found. Tyra tells her to go home and throw a mop over her head and see if she can model through that. That is really stellar advice. This, of course, means that it's Megan's time to go. Sad! She hugs the other girls, and then Tyra. Michelle looks very disappointed about it all. Megan says that she's surprised to have gone this early, and thought she would have lasted longer. However, she acknowledges, in modeling, a person isn't given many opportunities. She wishes that she could have shown more of herself and her character to the judges. And, may I add, to us.

Next on ANTM: Miss J. walks a tightrope, and Melrose and Monique appear dangerously close to fisticuffs.

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