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Megg's finished hair is...bushy. She calls it her new signature hair, and says that she'll be able to do a lot more headbanging -- in close proximity to a metal spike, one hopes. Her photo is actually pretty good. Anchal gets her forehead threaded, and though it hurts a little, she feels great about the whole thing. The shorter hair with layers looks great on her; Anchal really has a good head of hair. Meanwhile, Fucking Melrose tells Jay Manuel that blonde hair isn't going to look good on her. I mean, I agree, but suck it up. Jay tells her that she will look younger and fresher with the blonde hair. The other girls discuss Melrose's reluctance to go blonde with some puzzlement, with the exception of A.J., who says that if she were Melrose, she wouldn't want to go blonde either. Frederic Fekkai looks half bewildered and half pissed. Jay looks all pissed. One member of the hair and makeup team compliments Brooke on her chocolate locks. Brooke has never had brown hair, but says that Frederic Fekkai is the master, and she thinks it looks beautiful.

Michelle is nervous about being able to work with her look, because she is bad with hair and anything girly in general. I would say, "Call me, Michelle!," but she is eighteen and that would make me gross. Amanda says that she and Michelle were upset about having different looks, because now they can't switch and fool people. She is kidding. She looks fine. Jay snips off the first of Jaeda's locks, and Jaeda starts to bawl. Like, seriously. Jay gives her a big "Whatever," because he has had it. Jaeda says that she feels masculine, and like she's lost the girlish thing she had going on. I don't know what girlish thing she could have been talking about.

Caridee's hair is crazy-looking, but she likes it. Eugena is also pleased. The girls who get the extensions always are. Megan says that it was amazing to have Frederic Fekkai work on her, and that he cut her hair in two minutes. You know Tyra was all, "This bitch is going home; give her the Supercuts version." The blonde looks pretty good, though. Meanwhile, Melrose is crying. Jay says that she's a control freak, and that a lot of young girls who try to over-control a situation don't go too far. Well, let's hope so. ["Except, I don't know why Jay is talking about things 'young girls' do in reference to Melthuserose. Bitch old!" -- Wing Chun] As Melrose is getting her eyebrows bleached and has big curlers in her hair, Eugena comes in to laugh at her and say she looks crazy. Melrose says that's her new look. Except for the "crazy" part, which is the look that God gave her from the start. The blonde looks...kind of bad, I have to say.

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