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No, No, Nnenna

Twiggy says that Jade contradicted herself by saying "What you see is what you get," and then, "Don't judge a book by its cover." Jade's laughing, probably as she is thinking, "I never thought I was contraditionalistic [sic]." Twiggy laughs, because she feels safe commenting on Jade's idiocy with witnesses in the room. Nigel asks whether "proportionable" is even a word. Miss J. says that he's her biggest fan, but that her appearance -- with the head thing, earrings, and heavy eye makeup -- is bad, and Tyra agrees that they make her look older. Even so, Tyra thought her performance was good in that she stood out. The body angle of Jade's photo gets raves from Twiggy, as does her sensuality. The guest photographer also thinks Jade did well, and says that she could be a top model if she came to Thailand. By all means, take her!

Miss J. says that Nnenna sounded too Miss America-ish. He really hates her. Nigel says that she went on and on and on...and on...and on. Everyone agrees that she was boring. Nnenna says a bit defiantly that she thought they were supposed to sell themselves. Tyra says that Nnenna was selling, but the judges weren't buying. Oooh, stick an orange tag on it and put it in the discount rack! Nnenna's photo is pretty, according to Nigel, but she doesn't look like a mermaid. Nnenna agrees that she needed to transform more. Nigel says that she needs to bring something different to the competition at this stage. Tyra brings up Nnenna's challenge win, and notes that George Wayne said she had a strong, smart, and aware presence, but that she was also a bit snobbish and not charming. Miss J. makes fun of her staid manner of speaking, and says something about her thinking she's an African queen and that she knows better than the rest of them. Nnenna says that she doesn't know where he got that from, and Miss J. sarcastically says, "You're misunderstood, like Jade is sometimes." Ooh, burned like toast, right there.

Nigel thought that Danielle was the best in terms of spunk and personality. Twiggy agrees that she sold it. Tyra likes that Danielle talked about the gap, and asks to see the reduced version. Tyra likes it. Danielle's photo is effortless, according to Miss J., and Tyra says that it's hard to be upside down and sexy, and that Danielle accomplished that. The photographer loved her, and thought she was elegant. Kudos all around.

Twiggy says that Sara's greatest asset is her voice, but to say, "I'm intelligent" to a journalist is like waving a red flag to a bull. Nigel likes Sara's face in the photo even though her arms were a bit awkward. Tyra notes that when Sara's face is on, it's on, but it's not on often enough in her film.

Tyra says that Furonda seemed very unsure, and Twiggy says that she seemed very confused. Miss J. asks what invitation Furonda got that the rest of those present didn't, referring to the fact that she's wearing a really cheap-looking black sequined cocktail dress that accentuates her bony chest. Furonda says that it's a celebration, because they're in Thailand. Tyra agrees that it's too dressy, and Nigel says that she didn't get the jeans memo. Furonda's photo looks striking in the wide and close-up. However, Tyra says that her other film is horrible. Furonda says that her "womanly space" was in excruciating pain. My conflicted feelings of amusement at the term "womanly space" and horror at actually being forced to think about Furonda's particular womanly space leads us to commercials.

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