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No, No, Nnenna

Meanwhile, Joanie is the Cover Girl Of The Week. Beaver County, represent!

The judges deliberate. Sara has to get over her intelligence. Twiggy says that Sara's insecure in every other way, so she feels like has to blind the judges with her brains. Tyra says that she thinks Sara is trying and is improving. Twiggy has to give it to Jade for taking a great photo. Tyra says that her photo looks sweet in the face, but that Jade is Jade, and always will be. Nigel notes that Jade said not to judge a book by its cover, but sometimes the cover is more interesting than the contents. Twiggy loves Furonda's photograph, even though Furonda was confused by the challenge. Miss J. enjoys Furonda, but Nigel is not feeling her. Twiggy says that Joanie's photo is her favorite, and Miss J. agrees that it's gorgeous. Nigel says that he's not convinced about Joanie in person, but Twiggy says that she's had consistently good photographs. Danielle is picking up her game and is the one to watch, according to Nigel. Twiggy agrees that she's radiant. Miss J. says that she's a bit country. Twiggy likes that, and Tyra says that it's okay as long as you know how to turn it off. She doesn't think Danielle knows how to turn it off, but Twiggy says she can learn. Nnenna needs to raise the bar, according to Nigel. Twiggy agrees that Nnenna is sinking fast. Miss J. hears crickets chirping when he sees Nnenna. Tyra says that she thinks the judges can't handle Nnenna and that she intimidates them. Twiggy says that Jade frightens her, and implores the others not to leave her alone in a room with Jade. I heard that if you're alone in a room with Jade, your IQ automatically lowers by ten points.

Six girls stand before Tyra. She calls the following names: Danielle, Jade, Sara, and Joanie. This, of course, leaves Furonda and Nnenna. At this point I was like, "Well, clearly there is only one possible outcome to this situation." Nnenna started the competition at the top of the pack, but her "It thing" is fading. On the other hand, some of the judges questioned why Furonda was there from the start, and even though she's improving, some of the judges still don't see a model in person. And then Tyra says, "So you have to work on your appearance, Furonda," and hands her a photograph. Wait, let me say that again. Tyra hands Furonda a photograph. I know! Nnenna is o-u-t. Nnenna says she's surprised that she's the one going home, but that she understands what the judges were saying. She says that this experience has made her want to be a model even more, and she hopes that she'll be closer to achieving her goals. And really, Nnenna was a pretty good model. Nonetheless, she fades from the photo, and we are left with five.

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