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No, No, Nnenna

Meanwhile, Furonda practices her runway walk. She says that things are looking up. She's improving, and the judges are taking notice of her. Cut to Twiggy saying that, at first, she didn't think Furonda was photogenic, but has been proven wrong. It's true that her pictures have been really good, even if she is still not, say, pretty in the slightest. She tells us that she's becoming a "forerunner" in the competition, and that's setting her on the path to "Win win win win win win." The walking Furonda says that her joints are burning. And also, my eyes.

Meanwhile, Danielle is upset about Tyra telling her to get her gap closed. She says that the competition is getting serious. She doesn't want to go home because she refuses to get the gap closed, but she clearly doesn't want to get it closed, either. Danielle worries that it's going to look "jank." I miss that word. I hereby revise Jade's Garbage Pail Kid card to "Janky Jade." (On a side note: Oh, my God, how awesome is this?)Sara says that it's going to work out fine, and that Danielle might completely love it. Danielle doubts it. She says that this is the biggest challenge that's ever faced her. And, also, the biggest challenge she's ever faced, I'd imagine.

Tyra Mail! "How pressed are you to win? Find out if you can handle the stress." Will the girls have to face some sort of medieval torture device? One can only hope.

The girls head off to meet Rachel McCallister, co-president of MPRM Public Relations. She has the most boring voice in history. Yes, more boring than Nnenna's. Yes, more boring than Naima's. Rachel's job is to media-train the company's clients and help them acquire the skills to give effective interviews. She's there to give the girls some dos and don'ts for dealing with the press. Rachel tells them not to be surprised if someone comes up to them and says that their fathers are really horrified that they're doing a nude shoot. Cut to Joanie. Rachel tells them each to respond that it's an area of concern for him, but that he's really supportive. In other words, to lie. She says they should focus on the positive.

Rachel says that the girls will be asked a lot of questions, such as, "I hear your boyfriend caught you with another guy. What was that all about?" Nnenna starts to laugh uncontrollably, and we get the shot of her kissing Vaughn, which I suppose has its own contractual obligation to be featured in every episode. Jesus. Nnenna says that she thinks everything is going to be fine, and then puts her head in her hands. Rachel says that she inadvertently hit the jackpot: she didn't even know that that had happened. ["I'm so effing sure." -- Wing Chun] Rachel tells Nnenna and the others to know that the one question they don't want to be asked will be asked. She says that all the girls seemed to understand what she was saying, but that the real test will be today's challenge, because she'll never be as tough as a reporter. Then it doesn't seem like she's doing a good job in preparing them, does it? The challenge will be for the girls to meet with columnist George Wayne, who will interview the girls and judge them on how well they answer the questions and how well they present themselves.

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