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No, No, Nnenna

George asks Nnenna what is her most amazing physical asset. Nnenna says that it is her smile. George says that he's dumbstruck, and that Nnenna must get that all the time. She asks why, and he says that she is a gazelle. This seems like a compliment before he adds that Nnenna is a snob. Nnenna says that she doesn't think so, and George says that he can tell from her reaction. Nnenna says again that she is not a snob. George asks what the one thing is that Nnenna would like the world to know. Nnenna says that she has a big family in Africa, and that she thinks having fair trade would help them. Oh, tell it to Angelina Jolie. We watch this show to see girls in their underwear. George tells her that she sounds like a Miss World contestant. Nonetheless, he tells us that Nnenna has a good presence and is very smart, and that you can tell that she's a very complex creature.

George gives the girls his review. Furonda handled a tough session well. Joanie was the truest of all the girls. Danielle has a good presence, but needs to improve her speech. Sara is smart, but he's not sure whether this is really what she wants to do. We get a little voice-over from Sara saying that she needs to figure out what she's doing that makes people question her dedication to modeling and fix it immediately. Nnenna handles herself well under pressure, even if she's a little snobby. Jade needs to relax a little bit, and to learn that a little humility goes a long way. Tell it to someone who's human, George. George can only choose one winner, and that person is Nnenna. Interesting. George says that she gives a good interview, and has potential to be the best Top Model ever. Furonda says that Nnenna is consistently hitting the nail on the head, and that Furonda's going to have to work harder to beat Nnenna on the next one. Nnenna will get a spa treatment for her prize, and gets to select one friend to share the prize with. She picks Jade. Joanie says that Jade and Nnenna have won six challenges, and that she's sick of them winning. The rest of the girls will have to cater to Jade and Nnenna at the spa, which sucks. Nnenna says that the others have a right to be mad because they keep losing the challenges, but, "this is a competition. What do you expect? Somebody's gotta win, and somebody's gotta lose." I'm sure these words will be of great comfort to Nnenna in just about fifty minutes from now.

George leaves, and Danielle talks to Joanie. Joanie says, "Maybe you should stick to it and don't do it." She is, of course, talking about the gap. Danielle says that if she doesn't get it closed, she's going home. Sara interviews that Danielle sees her gap as something that makes her unique, because it's become her signature. Joanie tells Danielle that she thinks she'll have peace (or as the captions tell us, "piece") of mind if she doesn't do it and will feel better inside. I really hope Joanie isn't being shady here. Joanie adds that she doesn't want Danielle to go home. Danielle interviews that she's trying to remain calm and not to trip, and it's the business, so she should go along with it, but she's disturbed. She's still undecided about what she'll do. Danielle tells us that she had to go home and call her mama, who is her strength. Danille tells her mom that it's taken so long for her to get comfortable with her gap, and now she's pissed off because she's being told that if she doesn't close it, she'll go home. Danielle's mother says, with a voice somewhat reminiscent of Bea Arthur's, that Danielle should remember the girl from Texas -- she, of course, means Cassandra -- who loved her hair more than being in the competition. Mama says that in the modeling industry, that's going to happen. Mama adds that Danielle has to step up to the plate, and that will make the difference between her staying and leaving. Mama says that Danielle has to call the shot on this one, and asks Danielle what she wants. Mama sounds awesome, and also like she's smoked six packs of Parliaments a day for the last thirty years. Commercials.

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