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No, No, Nnenna

When we return, Danielle goes back to the dentist. Dr. Edgardo Falcon Jr. tells her that he may not be able to close the gap completely, but that he wants to reach a happy medium and still have something that looks natural. She says that she doesn't want to be ashamed to smile, and he says that won't work in her line of work anyway. Dr. Falcon says that he wants to make Danielle happy, and also look, as Tyra would say, fierce. Dr. Falcon is a fan of the show! I wonder if he is doing this work for free, or perhaps with hopes of a free dinner at Tyra's Rib Shack. Danielle interviews that she does respect Tyra's opinion, and has to suck it up, bite her lip, and get her gap closed, as much as she doesn't want to. Dr. Falcon starts the filing, which they blessedly don't show in great detail. Sooner than you can say "Hilary Duff," Danielle has two new front teeth. Dr. Falcon shows her before and after photos. He says that he couldn't close them all the way, and that if he did, he says, "they'd look like..." Danielle finishes his sentence: "Chiclets." I love her. Dr. Falcon asks Danielle whether she's happy, and she says she is. There is still a little gap there, but overall it really does look better. Tyra was right, after all. Tyra: 1. Potes: 405. Danielle says that it's weird having the gap closed, because it's been a part of her all her life, but that she's going to keep a smile and keep going.

At home, Sara talks to her boyfriend and tells him of the woes of not having her desire to be a model taken seriously. She interviews that being found in a mall has worked against her. Sara says that her desire has been questioned numerous times, and that she hates hearing it. Her boyfriend tells her to go the extra mile. Sara interviews that she needs to show how much she wants to be there.

The girls go out to dinner in a restaurant that Nnenna describes as looking very "cultural." They hear some heels clicking, and in walks a Tyra Banks drag queen. He isn't even trying with the voice. Turns out it's Sutan, the makeup artist. A caption describes him thusly: "Ty-ra Banks: Sutan In Drag." Like, they really have to reinforce what the girls just said in case we misheard them and just assumed that Tyra had a really bad night or something. Also, "Ty-ra" is no kind of drag queen name. "Tyred Banks," maybe, "Tyra Skanks," definitely, but just adding a hyphen doesn't cut it. Suddenly, the real Tyra Banks comes in. In case there is a question about her identity, she is captioned as, "Tyra Banks: The Real Deal." They should have said, "The Real Tyra: Check Out The Thighs If You Don't Believe Us."

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