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No, No, Nnenna

Meanwhile, Joanie and Sara are still studying. Jade says that traveling the world is part of being a top model, and that this will be a good chance to see who can handle the culture shock. I actually think that this group is probably pretty up to the challenge.

The girls head to a spa, where Jade and Nnenna will be pampered, and the rest of the girls will do some of the pampering. I just pray to God that none of them has to touch Jade's feet. Nnenna interviews that she's won most of the challenges so far and says that it's good to be doing well, and not to be one of the jokers in the bottom of the pack. Nnenna says that she thinks she's doing outstanding. Soon, she will be out standing on the corner.

Sara interviews that Joanie and Furonda will be helping out with massaging Nnenna and Jade. The spa attendant shows them some of the products they'll be using, and Furonda says quite seriously, "They gonna be naked?" She does not look pleased. I think this will be a fine time to see whether Jade actually is covered in scales, so Furonda should be excited. Sara adds that she and Danielle are going to be assisting the girls with their baths. Danielle throws a hunk of petals in a full tub with some force. The spa attendant rushes over to demonstrate that you must place each petal individually and with care. Danielle says to the attendant that they were just kind of chunking them in the tub, but they will now meticulously put them in there. She actually says "meticulous," and it is always a shock when a word of more than two syllables comes out of the mouth of a Top Model contestant. Unless that person is Jade, and the word is "fasazznessess." After the spa attendant leaves, Danielle starts chunking the petals in again, and actually dumps over her box full of petals to empty it out. Danielle interviews that she felt bad about not doing her job, and that she "straight failed," but that she was exhausted. We see Danielle falling asleep, as Sara swooshes water on Jade and Nnenna, who actually have to sit in the tub together. I hope Sara got her Cootie shot this year.

Joanie tells us that she's taking the massaging responsibility very seriously, because she has respect for the Thai culture. Furonda, on the other hand, says, "I don't work well with bodies and touching on people, feeling them. I don't do well with that. I'm a model, not a masseuse." We see Furonda quite hilariously dip her index finger into the bowl of oil and massage Nnenna's leg with that one finger. Granted, that finger looks like this, so maybe it's really the only tool she needs. Furonda asks Nnenna whether it feels good, and Nnenna says that it feels like Furonda is scratching her. Furonda should patent her special one-finger massage. Sara and Danielle crack up. Meanwhile, the worst has befallen Joanie, and she is actually touching Jade's feet. Gah! But she doesn't really seem to mind. Joanie says that respect is important in Thailand, and that you always have to do your best no matter what. Joanie tries to tell Furonda that she's supposed to mimic what the masseuse is doing, and Furonda quite uncharitably tells her to mind her own business. Joanie interviews that Furonda is doing her own thing and doesn't really care about anything else. Furonda asks Nnenna whether she needs anything else, and then asks for a tip. I am about to say that Furonda is a pill, but then she interviews that she's so glad the whole thing is behind her and now she can go wash her finger and snap out of it, and I am back to just thinking that she's a riot. The girls head home, as we head to commercials.

Meanwhile, Nicole walks in the ElleGirl/Ford Fusion show at fashion week. She walks first, but is outstaged by a giant vehicle parked at the base of the runway. The whole thing really puts me in the mood for a game of Plinko.

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