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Brittany is first for judging, and she has gone a bit heavy on the eye makeup. Nigel tells her it's more of a "morning after" look. Yeah, the morning after if you're a smack-addict prostitute. At Brittany's photo of a different ethnicity, Tyra calls Brittany her sistah, and says that it reminds her of a photo of her and her mother. Of course. Flash to the photo, which is similar only because it features a grown woman holding a child. Tyra loves getting her baby photos up there. Tyra actually doesn't say any other nice stuff about the photo, but I think she likes it. Naima's face looks like "a Rand McNally roadmap," according to Janice. And I don't know what that means, but I'm just going to assume that it's brilliant. At her Icelandic photo, Nigel says that Naima's allure is that you can't normally place her ethnicity, so it's hard to switch her. Janice says that Naima is beautiful, but that her picture looks like "a mall photograph." And if you go into the Sears photo studio in a long blonde weave topped off by a beret with a milk moustache, chiffon dress, and a tiny blonde child in your arms, more power to you, my friends.

Rebecca's makeup is a blush-heavy car-wreck. The judges love Rebecca's Italian photo. Tyra says it would have been better if Rebecca had smiled less, but Deyonker thinks she hit a home run. I think it's actually the beautiful little girl that makes this photo, and the fact that Rebecca looks about thirty pounds heavier in it. Tyra says that the photo took her to the edge, which is important. Keenyah comes up wearing an ANTM shirt, and Tyra wonders if she's sending subliminal messages. And I compare that to wearing the shirt that you buy at a concert to the actual concert. It's just kind of cheesy. Keenyah's makeup is non-existent, but her Korean photo is breathtaking. Stupid freaking Flambé (Nolé) says, "Koreatown here we come, girl." Tyra says, "I don't even see a black girl, I see an Asian woman, and that's what this is about, about embodying it from the inside out. You nailed this." And she did. Based on her photos, I kind of think Keenyah should win.

Noelle is next. Her photo is good, but she has limited "eye range." Tyra scolds her for wearing flip-flops when she is the shortest girl there. Janice says that she doesn't see "model" in front of her. In fact, she doesn't see anything. But, in all fairness, she might literally not see anything due to a drug-induced haze. Noelle has no edge. She grimaces. Tatiana's biracial photo is so-so. Janice says, "Can I see the close-up on...Cher." Hee! And it is true that Tatiana is kind of sporting Cher's late-'80s hair. Flambé says that her face is dead, and that he doesn't like it at all. Kahlen gets thumbs down on the makeup test, but the judges love her photo. And again, that beautiful little girl with her must get all the credit. Kahlen looks kind of cross-eyed in the photo, I think. Christina's makeup is plain Jane. The judges once again make some comments about her freaky eyes. Janice says that she looks possessed, and guest judge says that she looks like a deer in headlights.

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