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The Flesh Eaters Are Coming! The Flesh Eaters Are Coming!

Brittany says without glee that she doesn't feel too peachy keen, and is worried that Michelle's disease is contagious. Tiffany then calls her grandmother and asks if she's heard anything about the flesh eaters. Her grandma says, "Uh uh." Tiffany double-checks, and grandma once again says, "Uh uh." She then says, "Y'all just need to get a life. Read a book or something." HA! I want to have a coffee klatch featuring Janice, Beverly Johnson, Miss J., and Tiffany's grandmother.

Tyra Mail! "There are eleven of you left, ten more to go, the race is on, be ready to show your true colors at 7:00 AM." The girls enter a studio where Jay Manuel greets them, sporting a deep v-neck. He tells them that they've learned all about the transformative power of makeup, and so today are going to sport moustaches. I think that finally things are starting to go Michelle's way. Then he explains, "Milk moustaches." They're doing "Got Milk?" ads, of which Tyra has done two. But the real kicker is that the girls will have their ethnicities changed. The challenge is "taking on the persona of that other ethnicity while in the photograph, and owning it." And I don't think he's being particularly racially insensitive here, I think he just means that the girls are not supposed to look like they have pounds of makeup and fake hair on, but be as natural-looking as possible, in a totally fake way. And I don't know why I am defending Jay Manuel this episode, but there you go. Christina is going to be East Indian, Tiffany will be Native-American, Brittany will be African-American, Keenyah will be Korean, Kahlen will be Hawaiian, Michelle will be an Eskimo, Naima will be Icelandic Scandinavian, Tatiana will be biracial, Lluvy will be a Swedish milkmaid, Rebecca will be a dark Italian, and Noelle will be traditionally African. And I must add that I think it's kind of funny that several of those cultures are prone to lactose-intolerance.

The girls get made up. Noelle says that she's half-black, so she's excited about being transformed into a proud African woman. Jay tells the girls that there is a third twist, which is that they'll be posing with three-year-old children of the ethnicities that they'll represent. Noelle loves kids, but being with them is reminding her of the son she left behind, so she's sad. The kids are totally cute, as kids can be, until they start crying or throwing up or whatever they do. Rebecca interviews that she feels really bad for Michelle: "Splotches of her face [are] just peeling off. I know that must be really hard." Uh, yeah. However, Rebecca questions whether Michelle should have such close contact with a little one. Michelle has the same concern, and notes that the other girls reacted and said that she should get it checked out. Which, she should. Mathu the Makeup Artist takes a look at her and says that he must consult someone before working on her. Some other random guy asks if anyone in the house knows voodoo, and whether Michelle has seen any chicken bones lying around. Heh. Danilo -- wearing crazy sunglasses that would put Erik Estrada to shame -- tells Jay that she's bleeding at the top of her head now. Ew. Mathu then says that it could be leprosy. Yes, leprosy. Or maybe she has the clap, or perchance the bubonic plague. Perhaps bleeding her with leeches will clear it up. Jay says that it looks like it might be stress-related, but that he's not a doctor, thank God. So they finally -- FINALLY -- ship Michelle off to the doctor. Michelle interviews that she was nervous about leaving the photo shoot.

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