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Keenyah is first and looks gorgeous while holding her adorable but heavy three-year-old boy, who keeps sliding down her side and occasionally gnashing his teeth. She says that it was very difficult to work with an uncooperative kid. The photographer then high-fives said kid adorably. Naima introduces herself to her blonde counterpart. She interviews that her father is black, Mexican, and Indian, and that her mother is black and Irish, and that it is mind-blowing to be made up like a white woman. However, she says, "It just goes to show you're ultimately defined by who you are, not by this outside." Mathu says that Lluvy has expressive eyes. Lluvy interviews that she's just happy not to be a fish or an alien. She still looks weird, though. The photographer tells us that Lluvy let herself get distracted by the child. Tiffany meets her kid, Jerrick, and says that her baby's name is Chadrick. Rebecca interviews that Tiffany and Noelle may have an advantage in knowing how to hold a child, but that it's also difficult for them because they miss their kids. Noelle goes on some more about her kid and blah blah blah it's so very hard. She tells us that Austin, the kid she posed with, reminded her of Damien. I think Austin's about fifty times cuter, though.

Michelle goes to the dermatologist, Dr. Ronald Moy, who tells her she has impetigo, which is usually caused by bacteria, is easily treatable, and will probably go away fairly quickly. Michelle is relieved. She asks if it's contagious, and the doctor says that it is contagious through contact. Michelle is worried, particularly about those to whom she's slipped date rape drugs for purposes of rubbing her face all over them in an intimate fashion. Sorry, Tiffany! Mathu makes up Brittany, who says she's a black girl with a nose job. And either Brittany just kind of made a racist remark, or she's admitting that she has a nose job. Take your pick. She gets a big 'fro, which seems to suit her. She's also really comfortable with the child. Jay says that Brittany's was the best shoot to date. He points for emphasis as he says it, so we know he means it.

Michelle returns to the shoot and says to the girls, "It'll clear up. It's a bacterial infection or whatever, and they gave me pills and cream and stuff." Her habit of saying "or whatever" and "and stuff" drives me nuts. In an interview, Tatiana admits that the other girls got a little out of hand with the speculation. Biracial Tatiana has giant hair, and poses with the same kid Brittany had. She says that the kid is heavy, and that kids are not her thing. Christina is East Indian, and Jay tells her that she should be regal, not cold. And I think she has the same kid, too. She says that the challenge was to see how they could handle a "live prop," and a heavy one at that. "Those kids are healthy," she says. Jay tells Michelle that they got a baby doll for her. Rebecca complains that Michelle is going to have it easy with "no weight on her baby." And how many times have I heard that one. She interviews that Michelle can be easy, free, and relaxed while the other girls are tense from the effort of holding a forty-pound child. Oh can it, Stick Figure. Rebecca says that she has no upper-body strength, and I can't see how that's Michelle's fault.

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