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A subdued Nicole and Nik hang out at the hotel, basking in their glory. Nicole says that it's awesome to make it to the top two, because she has one more chance to prove that she has what it takes to be America's Next Top Model. Nik interviews that she doesn't know if she and Nicole are actually friends. She says that they're two different people, of two different ages, at two different places in their lives, and that they don't have much in common. Nicole puts on gag glasses with a big nose and mugs for Nik, who does not laugh. Nicole asks what Nik's problem is and tells her to have a sense of humor. Nik says that she does have a sense of humor, Nicole's just not funny. That is a subtly awesome comeback. Nicole interviews that Nik is a bit more reserved, while Nicole's not afraid to embrace her inner dork. And you have to love that too. Why do I all of a sudden like everyone? It's really bad for business. Nicole dances around and Nik finally laughs.

Tyra Mail! Nik notes that it's probably the last one. It reads, "You can't tell a book by its cover. Or can you?" Oh, God, please don't tell me they'll be forced to read aloud! THE HORROR.

The girls go off to their next task and meet Jay. He tells them that the training wheels are coming off. He's not going to be there as the girls do their photo shoot for ElleGirl magazine, which will be shot by Gilles Bensimon. See, you know once the real shoots start coming up that these sponsors are like, "Hell to the naw, that orange man is coming nowhere near my set." Jay says that whoever wins the competition will have her work grace the cover of ElleGirl in February 2006. Oooh, I can't wait! I love a good magazine for teens. Brandon Holly, the ElleGirl editor-in-chief, tells the girls that they both need to act like this is their cover. Nik says that she feels confident that she can get a successful shot without Jay around. If I were her, I would be even more confident about getting a good shot without Jay around. Nik says that his job is done, and that it's their turn to take what they've done and put it to use. Nicole says that although she squeaked through the last elimination, she's keeping her spirits up and believing in herself. She has that kind of dumb confidence that works well for models and other people whose talents lie in their genetics. I think it will take her far.

Nicole and Nik step into the studio, where they see Tyra being photographed. From the waist up, she looks like she is wearing a muumuu. Tyra welcomes the girls and introduces them to famed photographer Gilles Bensimon. Nicole says she's freaking out that they're finally getting the chance to work with him. Tyra wraps her arm around Gilles's shoulder. She is about a foot taller than he is. She says that Gilles is a very big practical joker, and that when she was seventeen years old and modeling in Paris, she handed her portfolio to him and he replied in his French accent, "You are the ugliest girl I have ever seen in my life," and then booked her the next day. I do not see what the joke is. But in any case, I do not like Gilles Bensimon. First of all, he looks like he walked off the wall at Sardi's. He also gives off a total Polanski-esque "'Ello, little twelve-year-old girl! Come sit in my hot tub and show me your portfolio. Oh zees? Zees pill I am giving you is just a vitamin. Wash it down with some sparkly apple juice and let Uncle Gilles give you a pony ride on his knee!" vibe. He's an creepy old perv, is what I'm saying.

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