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In any case, the girls are doing the photo shoot with Tyra. Nicole is feeling the pressure. As he shoots them, Gilles says, "No kissing each other, please." There he goes with the reverse psychology again. Also, creepy old perv. He positions Nicole by touching her shoulder, which is also gross. Nik says that Nicole is a beautiful girl with lots of potential, but that she's trying not to focus on that, and instead is concentrating on making herself shine and bringing her personality out. Gilles continues to shoot Tyra and Nicole and tells them to pretend to love each other. He goes up to Nicole and says, "I'm going to touch the winner now." Nik interviews that hearing Gilles say that Nicole's the winner kind of throws her off. I think she should just be grateful that he's not touching her.

Next, Nik poses with Tyra. She says that her goal is to win, and that she has to show Tyra that she's confident. Gilles yells out, "Love that!" Nicole says that it's intimidating to be in the final two with Nik, because she's so beautiful and has improved all throughout the competition. Gilles shows that no one is immune from his creepy old man touch and strokes Nik's face, saying, "She's a winner." Nicole does not like that. Nik and Tyra pose, and Gilles says, "Love that. Love that. Love that." Just, ew. Nik says that Gilles is playing games. He asks Tyra if he's the one that makes the decision. Tyra is all, "You're on my payroll now, bitch." Nik and Nicole get a big round of applause from everyone and take their leave.

Then, we get a quiet and reflective moment with each of our finalists as they gaze at what I'm going to assume is the Thames. Nik says that she didn't just wake up one day and decide to try modeling. Rather, she's been trying to model since she was a little girl. She says that it's exciting and weird to think that it might happen. A teary Nicole says that she's never felt like she was number one, and has never had the one thing that makes her stand out. This, she says, has been her dream forever. We are to assume that she means modeling, but I actually think she means "Being better than my sister at something." Making it this far, Nicole says, you want to win so badly because you're so close. Commercials.

When we return, Jay greets the girls in the location where they will strut in their fake, made-for-TV runway show. He says that they'll be walking with working professional models, including past ANTM winners Eva and Naima. Eva and Naima, wow! This is really a fashion show of some stature! Jay tells the girls that, while they walk out, there will be projections of them saying Shakespearean lines. Content to leave no sacred thing unmarred, this show will even bastardize the Bard. Nik says that it will be exciting to see themselves on a jumbo screen. I have no fear of looking at myself, but that is, like, my greatest nightmare. It would be like a magnifying mirror times 20,000. Shudder.

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