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Rebecca (hereafter known as Grimley), meanwhile, tells Amanda to pick the five favorite things from her closet. She tells Amanda that her selections look cheap. Which, Amanda really does have the worst wardrobe. Amanda tells Grimley that she is very poor. This would have totally been the time to whip out the "I am legally blind" excuse, if you ask me. Grimley says that the idea is to make cheap look stylish.

Paul and Hampton talk to Eva, who complains that everybody thinks she's a diva. To circumvent this, Paul suggests that she always show the best possible manners to prove that she's a nice person.

Grimley looks at Yaya's wardrobe and says that her style is very "earth mother." Yaya says, "I wouldn't mind sticking to that style." Grimley says that's fine, but that she shouldn't show up for a toothpaste ad wearing a dashiki. Yaya says that she doesn't have to conform to be successful. Grimley suggests a little more variety and color, which will help to preset "the happy Yaya" rather than the usual "bitchface Yaya."

Ann tells Paul and Hampton that she's not the most proper girl, and they advise her to say things intelligently. Well, good luck there.

Grimley tells Toccara that her wardrobe has too many trendy "throwaway clothes." Toccara tells Grimley, "My clothes are fabulous." Grimley says, "You're B.S.-ing me." Well, I think that Grimley is B.S.-ing anyone who would hire her to advise on looking good. She's also totally butch. She interviews that Toccara lacks a little bit of personal style. If "Toccara" is a code word for "Grimley-esque Rebecca Weinberg," then I am in agreement.

Grimley says that Eva's style is "eclectic, comfortable," and that she needs to broaden her horizons. So basically the advice she gives to everybody is, "More variety. Get something dressy." She'd like to see Eva own up to her potential stardom.

Amanda says to Paul and Hampton, "I'm probably one of the most unique girls here. I'm legally blind." And the editors mercifully cut out the rest of her retinitis pigmentosa spiel. Paul says that she has a unique opportunity to become an emblem for success for others suffering from delusionalitis exaggerationis.

Grimley says that Norelle's wardrobe is so youthful that it's childlike, and that she needs more sophistication.

Nicole tells Paul and Hampton that she likes art (read: bisexual) and isn't a big follower of pop culture. She doesn't know if she will have to pretend, for example, to like Jessica Simpson. Oh, honey, for the love of God, no. ["Funny how that reference was right at her fingertips, though. I think someone's copy of ArtForum has an Us Weekly secretly tucked inside it." -- Wing Chun] Hampton gives her a look like he wants to nail her right then and there, and tells her that if the topic comes up, she can give an answer that is true to herself without being a jerk. At this point the camera pulls back, and we see that Paul is wearing a woven black loafer with no socks. Just, ew. Paul says, "No negatives." It's a good thing that recappers don't have to meet with these guys.

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