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The Girl Who Is Rushed To The Emergency Room

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To Wong Furonda

The judges dismiss the girls so they can deliberate. Jade was very tight according to Nigel, and Siri says that she was also stiff in the dance competition. Miss J. says that even though he wasn't a fan of hers at the beginning, Jade has produced beautiful pictures. The Twig says that she is photogenic, but she feels that she knows better than everyone. Danielle did a wonderful job even though she was sick. Tyra notes that she missed the challenge, and Twiggy says that you can't fault someone if they're genuinely sick. Nigel says that despite taking good pictures, Danielle is almost impossible to understand when she speaks. Twiggy agrees that she needs to start working on her speech, and Tyra says that she has to be a little less ghetto. Joanie's photo was beautiful, and Siri says that Joanie was great in the competition and knows how to perform. Except, Nigel adds, when it comes to judging. Tyra voices over in a choppy, awkward way that Furonda's photo was beautiful, but in person she's all over the place. Miss J. says that she doesn't quite get it, but Nigel likes her charm, energy, and spirit. Notice he doesn't mention her face. Siri says that Furonda's Thai dance was incredible in terms of entertaining the audience, but it lacked grace. Tyra is surprised at how good Sara's photo is. Twiggy thought her posing was good in the judging challenge, but Nigel asks if it's too little, too late.

The judges have reached a decision. There are five girls, and four photos, and Jade quickly does the math in her head and figures out that everyone gets two and a half. Joanie, Sara, and Danielle are safe. This, of course, leaves Jade and Furonda in the final two. Furonda has a great personality, but doesn't quite "get it." Jade is a stupid whore, as usual. Tyra says that Jade marches to her own drum, but if she knew everything she'd be a supermodel already. And she obviously isn't. And then Tyra says, in a really disparaging way, "And Furonda...we don't know what you're marching to." Ouch. In the end, Jade gets a photo. It is kind of sad, but I have stopped caring a little bit, too. Tyra tells Jade that she has potential, and not to be her own worst enemy. Furonda goes and hugs the other girls, then sashays the hell out of the judging room, to the delight of everyone. Work it, bitch!

At home, Furonda wears her Fluffy Tiara of Truth. She says that she does march to the beat of her own drum, but doesn't consider that a negative. Of course she is surprised to be going home, she says, and adds that the judges must have lost their heads. She feels good that she made it to the final five, because she's been on the chopping block for a while. Furonda's happy with her progress and sheds no tears as she leaves, which makes it easier for us to lack emotion, as well.

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