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The Girl Who Is Rushed To The Emergency Room

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To Wong Furonda

At lunch, Joanie says that she respects each and every one of the other girls for what they believe in. She adds, "Okay, Jade?" Jade is all, "Moi? Quoi?" Jade says that she knows what Joanie thinks of her. Joanie says that Jade is always defensive, and Jade rushes in with, "No I'm not!" Nice. Jade asks to who(m) ("m" added by me), and Joanie says to everybody. You can barely hear Joanie, however, because Jade keeps saying, "No I'm not," and, "Lies!" over her. Joanie says that Jade should listen to herself. God knows we've had to listen to her for long enough, and she deserves a taste of her own medicine. Furonda stays out of it and practices her dance moves. Jade interviews that Joanie is trying to corrupt things for her. Joanie says again that Jade is defensive, and Jade tries a glass of "Why are you getting so upset?" with a "You're just jealous" chaser. Joanie calmly says that she's not getting upset. Really, she's not. Furonda interviews that when Jade and Joanie get to arguing, it sounds like, "Wah wah wah wah" to her, and she tries to tune them out. Jade and Joanie continue to argue, and the "Wah wah wah wah" is surprisingly accurate. Joanie asks Jade if she doesn't think she needs to change, and Jade finally says, "Are you Tyra?" Joanie interviews that she doesn't think Jade respects her at all, and adds, "Even when I sit next to her, all I smell is just...bitch." Awesome.

Meanwhile, amidst all the hubbub and bitchery, no one noticed that Danielle disappeared. We get a shot of a crewman carrying Danielle out of the building amidst a soundtrack of Danielle breathing heavily and crying. She is put into a van with a bat symbol on the back window and driven off. It's a good thing Jade didn't see this, or she would have run back to the others with the news that Danielle had been drugged and kidnapped by her nemesis. Commercials.

When we return, Danielle is crying and kind of moaning and being helped out of the van at the hospital. As we see her being taken in on a stretcher, she voices over that her whole entire body was numb, twitching, and shaking, and that she was more concerned with her health than with the competition. Danielle adds that she has never been to the hospital before, and to be in a country where you don't understand the language was very scary. (I got mono when I was in New Zealand, and I will say that even to be sick in a foreign country where English is spoken is scary, so I do feel for her.) We flash to Danielle with an oxygen tube in her nose as she lies on the bed.

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