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The Girl Who Is Rushed To The Emergency Room

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To Wong Furonda

Meanwhile, back at Dance Party Thailand, Sara notes that Danielle might have gone home. Nice observation, genius. Someone else says that she went to the doctor. Furonda interviews that none of them knows what's going on with Danielle, and so they're all just praying at this point. Patravadi tells the girls that they are going to be challenged on their Thai dance moves, in front of a real live audience and some judges. Joanie interviews that it might be to Danielle's disadvantage that she's missing the challenge. Well, it also might be to her disadvantage to die, so I think she made the right decision. There will be drummers and Thai musicians to accompany the girls. Jade says that this is a great test for them, because top models have to travel the world and learn different cultures. And, in Jade's case, to meet occupants of interplanetary craft. The girls get to outfit themselves with some great traditional garb and do their own makeup. Furonda says that she was in the bottom two the previous week so she needs to amp up her effort 1000%. Joanie notes that Jade won several times, and a person gets sick of it. Joanie just wants to win something. Perhaps she should try her luck at Powerball. The judges and audience enter, and it's time for a show.

The whole set-up with the drummers is pretty cool, if a bit like a garish Best Song production number at the Oscars. The girls walk out, and Furonda notes that the audience is full of Thai people, who know how the dance is supposed to go. All the better to mock and malign the contestants, I say. Jade goes out first, and says (in a manner suggestive of being on a crack binge) that she "fits the image of Thai," and it's tripping her out. Thailand is tripped out by this, as well. Jade does her dance and looks okay, if a bit uninspired. Joanie says that Jade tried to be very ornate and precise, but didn't smile at all. Patravadi says that Jade looked uncomfortable and worried in the eyes. The Thai people are so tactful.

Joanie is next, and interviews that she thought she was going to do well, but started shaking because the adrenaline was kicking in. She dances and, while I'm sure it pales in comparison to her work on the pole, she does look pretty good. Jade interviews that she was watching Joanie and thought she was doing a great job. But Jade also says that she isn't intimidated, because Joanie just isn't on her level. Patravadi says that Joanie was very poised and elegant, and she liked the smile on her face. Joanie interviews that she did the best that she could and is really proud of herself.

Next is Sara. Try to imagine the Incredible Hulk doing ballet, and you'll have a somewhat accurate vision of what her Thai dance looks like. She admits that she had a hard time. Patravadi says that Sara is beautiful, and would do much better if she were more confident in what she was doing. Sara interviews that she doesn't think she has much of a career in Thai dance.

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