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To Wong Furonda

And then, the greatest thing. It's Furonda's turn. Furonda interviews that she was thinking, "You know, I don't remember too much about this Thai dance, but I'm going to do my best." Furonda looks an awful lot like Elaine Benes when she dances. She's kind of flailing and hopping around, and even the nice, mannered Thai audience laughs at her. Furonda says that her nerves took over, and that the Thai dance instruction went out the window; she just did "whatever." Joanie laughs in the background, and interviews that while she hit upon elements of hula and club, nothing Furonda did resembled Thai dancing in the slightest. Patravadi says that Furonda is good at entertaining, but needs to be more disciplined and to pay more attention to the techniques that were taught to her. The audience claps for Furonda and the rest of the girls. Outside, a cat runs away from Furonda, and she jokes that he probably saw her performance.

The girls return before the judges, one of whom is Siri Udomritthiruj -- who is a director for Elle Thailand. The judges have agreed that the winner is Joanie. Joanie is very excited to have finally won something. She gets to pick a friend to share a prize, and says that she picks Sara, because Sara has never won anything. And though there has been some talk of bitchery about this comment, I think she's just trying to share the wealth, because Jade and Furonda have collectively won or has been chosen by the winner to share in some choice prizes. Joanie has never won before either, so I don't think she means any harm. Sara says that she's happy that Joanie chose her, but she wants to be chosen because someone wants her to share in the prize, not because they feel sorry for her. Oh, buck up and be gracious, Jolly Green. The girls' prize is to dine with Siri, the Elle woman. Nice, but definitely not as good as diamonds.

Meanwhile, Danielle is at the hospital. The diagnosis is dehydration. Not the plague or something to do with pigeon shit? Huh. Danielle has an IV in her arm, and says that the doctors want her to stay in the hospital. She knows that she should stay, but there's no way that she's going to miss the competition. Danielle checks herself out -- but not in the way that Jade checks herself out, which undoubtedly involves pointing at the mirror and saying, "You lookin' fine, you beautiful biracial butterfly, you" -- and heads home.

Joanie and Sara have dinner with Siri. She gives Joanie a traditional Thai Warrior Head encased in glass. Joanie interviews that she is going to put it on the coffee table so Jade knows that there is a warrior looking at her all the time, and that warrior is Joanie. Siri asks Sara and Joanie what made them want to be models. Sara says that she had no modeling experience prior to the competition. Siri asks how Sara likes it so far, and she answers that there's more to it than smiling and being a pretty face. Siri tells them to always be aware of the repercussions of what they do each day, be aware of who they are, and hold themselves very well. Siri tells them to contact her if they ever come back to Thailand. I'm sure that's not sincere.

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