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The Girl Who Is Rushed To The Emergency Room

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To Wong Furonda

Danielle is first to shoot. Jay tells her that he knows she doesn't feel well, so she should tell him if she reaches her limit. Danielle says that the only thing keeping her going is her drive. Jay tells her that the shot will feature the legs, and that it should be a strong fashion pose. As soon as the camera goes off, the elephant gets nervous and starts moving around. Danielle is not pleased, and says that she's about to regurgitate on somebody's face. Please let that face belong to Jade. Or Jay. Okay, any of them really. Jay tells her that the elephant will get used to the camera after a few shots. Meanwhile, Sara interviews that she was very curious as to how everyone else is doing and wants to learn from the other girls. We get a shot of Jay, and Sara is totally hovering behind him and staring at Danielle. Jay loves Danielle's animalistic body language. Danielle says that she has no idea how her photo is going to turn out -- even though Jay said she did well, she isn't feeling it.

Jade is next. She says that Danielle is a little ill, but when you model and travel you have to do well on shoots no matter what. Jade is ready to rock. She is ready to rock you with her stupidity, as well, as she says that she'll never forget shooting on the elephant, which reminds her of an ancient dinosaur. She adds, "'Cause they are in the dinosaur family." Yes, and birds are blind. And my cat, Miss Itty, pees apple juice. Is there some sort of National Geographic For Dummmies that we could buy from a charity drive, and then send in bulk to the show? Jade does not do a spectacular job and has trouble taking Jay's direction. Jay tells her that she's thinking about it too much, and notes that Jade becomes instantly stiff when he gives direction, and perhaps thinks it's a critique. Joanie agrees that Jade was stiff and looked uncomfortable with what she was doing. Sutan, the makeup artist, lies to Jade that she did well. Never trust a man who dresses like Tyra Banks, mostly because it means he shops at Victoria's Secret.

Furonda is next, and interviews that the photo shoot is her chance to prove herself again. She looks totally loony as soon as she starts posing. Jay is not impressed, and tells Furonda to give him something direct and pretty. Jade interviews that Furonda is one of the weakest links. Jay says that Furonda's last shot was genius, and that when she gets it, she's gold. Unfortunately, the other 99% of the time can't be ignored.

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