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To Wong Furonda

The girls return in front of Panel for their evaluations. Furonda is first. Miss J. says that her sensuality was "ouch," but Nigel appreciated her great sense of spirit and high energy. Tyra says that Furonda did anything, and would have busted into a pose if she had said, "Poopoompalaka." Jade thinks, "That's a type of spinach, right?" Furonda's photo is beautiful according to Nigel and Twiggy, though Miss J. says that she could have been more elegant in her legs. Tyra says that Furonda's film was very inconsistent. She has no medium -- she is either great or horrible. Siri says that this is bad from a magazine's the point of view.

Sara got each emotion very clearly, according to Tyra, but didn't look like a model. She asks whether Sara was thinking "model," and Sara says that she wasn't. Nigel: "Just a little memo; this is a modeling competition." Nice. Sara's photo is beautiful, and Twiggy says that it has none of her usual gangly discomfort. Tyra notes that Jay said Sara copied some of Joanie's poses and didn't make them her own. Miss J. tells Sara that if she's going to copy, she needs to do it in such a way that it clearly outshines what the other person has done. Well, if I must say, my pair of pinstripe jeans were tri-colored and pretty fabulous, and I was a lot skinnier. I feel better about that whole situation now. Tyra says that the phrase is "Steal from the best, and make it your own." Perhaps Tyra got a book deal when she was seventeen, too.

Jade is next. Her poses were too much like Thai classical dancing, and Tyra says that the judges don't expect the girls to bring exactly what they learned in their challenges to Panel, but rather to incorporate elements of it into their modeling. Tyra says that she didn't specify that on purpose, because it's part of the test. Tricky! Jade's photo is awkward, according to Nigel, and Twiggy says that her leg looks peculiar. Tyra says that Jade's film was beautiful, but very stiff. If she had relaxed, it would have been more elegant. Jade just turns around and walks away with a smile on her face. Tyra notes that she dismissed herself.

Next is Joanie, whose poses were also too Thai dance-like, even though she gets kudos for winning the challenge. Joanie's photo is great according to Miss J., who tells Sara that she's a big fat failure at copying. Twiggy says that Joanie has consistently had great photographs. Nigel says that for someone with such vivid body language in photos, Joanie looks like crap in person. Tyra tells Joanie to take off her dowdy gray tank top (she's wearing a strappy white one underneath), which makes her look more womanly and modelesque.

Danielle's poses get mixed reviews. Tyra thinks that she had some great poses in the mix. Miss J. asks what Danielle was thinking behind her mask. Danielle explains that she didn't get to participate in the Thai dance challenge because she was in the hospital. Nigel says that Danielle is kind of high-maintenance. Her photo gets raves from Miss J., and the judges agree that she didn't look sick in the slightest. Tyra says that she has a stomach condition, and it's the worst pain in the world, but she just has to model through it. Is it worse pain than having a metal spike stuck in your leg? Then shut up, Tyra. Miss J. says that fashion has no mercy.

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