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Ebony And Ivory

A photo of glamorous Tyra and tribal Ms. J. welcomes us to the shoot. Tyra tells the girls that it is time for cut #11. There are fabulous prizes and fabulous judges. Janice, perhaps inspired by the shoot, has '40s-style hair and makeup and looks really pretty. Nigel is wearing purple. Nolé is still a waste of space. And Mandela and Bebe, the designers from the township visit, are the guest judges. Also, the girls all appear to have had some touch-ups on their hair, with Keenyah sporting long extensions.

The challenge for this week is extra-stupid. The girls stand in a line and are instructed to dance when Tyra tells them to, and then must stop and pose when the drumming stops. They do this a few times, and then Tyra calls on all the judges to get up and shake their things. It is painfully embarrassing. And though you know that I love her to pieces, I have to confess that this is not Janice's finest hour. Her take on dancing is something akin to "squatting like you're in a birthing pool." She also, as one of the posters on the forums pointed out, appears to be wearing slippers. It's just bad times all around. I half expect them to line up and bust into the Electric Slide.

And now, judging. Janice tells Brittany that she appeared to be holding back during the dance party. Bebe and Nolé both say that they see no personality in her, which seems insane. Nigel and Janice both love her photo, for it is awesome. Tyra says that Brittany was fine in the shoot until she was told to give energy, and then she lost it. She shows us Brittany's worst photo from the shoot, which is in fact pretty darn bad.

Keenyah excelled in the dance competition both in terms of her movement and the fact that she stepped forward and called attention to herself. The judges think that Keenyah's photo is good but not great. She plays the Bertini card. Nigel says that she has to learn how to handle that kind of situation and be in control. Janice gives a look that says, "I don't understand what the problem is." Tyra suggests using her feminine wiles to impart the message, "Boy you best to back up before I knock you upside the head," while still keeping it light and not creating tension on the set. I think that our sexual harassment laws should be amended to follow that example. Mandela says that harassment can throw a person off, but that it is not apparent in Keenyah's photograph. On her worst photo, Janice tells Keenyah that she needs to learn how to suck in her ever-expanding gut. Tyra says that she has the same stomach, but knows how to hold it in when she's modeling.

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