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Ebony And Ivory

When we return, Keenyah explains that the challenge has to do both with how well the girls have learned their choreography and how well they can move in general. She says that she's going to roll with the challenge and see how she does. The girls crawl around on the stage and then start to dance with the troupe. Each girl gets a solo. Brittany's includes a shimmy, to the surprise of no one. Her arms and legs flail in the manner of Elaine Benes. She interviews that the audience didn't much like her dance, and that she doesn't blame them. See, Brittany knows that she can't dance but has a sense of humor about it, which is what makes her cool. Then comes Kahlen, an intense look in her eyes. She says that she was nervous and uncomfortable, but that she "acted" the whole time. This makes me hate her a little. Brittany interviews that Kahlen never thinks that she "did good," is "doing good," or "does good," but that she always does...good. Well, well, well. Keenyah says that she feels honored and blessed to learn African dance. She says once again that it's important to her and that she's the only black girl. Cut to Naima. She says that she's always been a quiet person, and that dancing gives her an outlet for self-expression that doesn't involve speaking. I wish that Keenyah would get one of those. The crowd cheers. We see a shot of Ms. J in the audience. That man's legs are a wonder. How does he get them so shiny? The performance finishes, and Keenyah says that she feels good about herself.

Ms. J. asks the audience who they thought was the best. Naima is by far and away the winner. She takes a bow. Brittany says that Naima did a great job and deserves to win, so even though she would like to be bitter, she can't. J. explains that, as the winner, Naima gets an extra thirty frames at her next shoot. She gets to choose one girl to get an extra twenty frames. Naima picks Keenyah. She interviews that Kahlen is her good friend, but consistently takes good photos, so as a competitor, giving Kahlen the extra frames might put Naima at a disadvantage. That, my friends, is strategery. Keenyah gets to choose someone to get an extra ten frames. She picks Brittany. And then Brittany gets to tell Kahlen that she gets nada. Brittany -- who TOWERS over short short Kahlen -- graciously says that Kahlen always takes good pictures and doesn't need the extra frames.

Backstage, Keenyah asks Naima why she picked her, saying, "'Cause you think I could get help if I have extra frames, right?" Naima nods uncomfortably and thinks that Keenyah needs the extra frames to fully contain her girth. In a confessional, Kahlen weepily wonders if not getting any extra frames was some sort of a small attack on her. Oh, boo hoo. She wonders if there is a secret plot to get rid of her, and says that she wants the competition to be over because it's starting to wear on her. And I, quite frankly, don't know what's up with all of her tears.

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