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Ebony And Ivory

Backstage, Keenyah eats French fries. She interviews that she needs to watch what she eats and get her body back into its audition form. We see a side by side shot of Keenyah in a bikini and honestly...she was always a little fleshy, though she is now sporting a bit of a gut. As she mows on French fries, she says that she's pretty much sticking to her diet. Brittany interviews that Keenyah hasn't been paying a lot of attention to the things that she's putting in her mouth, which is an insult that she has handy because of all the times it's been lobbed at her in a much different context.

Naima shoots first. She dances it up as the loincloth-wearing Bertini sleazes all over her, moving his hand up her thigh. She rolls with it, though, and says that people know that she's a dancer, which puts a lot of extra pressure on her and makes her work harder. Jay compliments her expression, which is both confident and alluring. She looks lovely. Jay says that when they got to the thirty extra frames, Naima got carried away and moved into showgirl mode. Takes one to know one.

Next is Keenyah, who tells the male models to give her some space to work it out. She starts to dance and looks uncomfortable. Jay tells her to be more carefree and to stop pursing her lips so much. She interviews that just as she started to get into it, the sleaze that is Bertini started to wonk her out. She could hear him moaning, and breathing all over her, and touching her legs. And really, that's pretty gross. She says that it's inappropriate, and then stops posing altogether. Jay and the photographer look shocked, and Jay asks what the issue is. Keenyah says that hearing moaning on her threw her off and made her feel uncomfortable. She says that she feels awful and disrespected, and doesn't think that they should continue on with the shoot as we fade to commercials knowing full well that this is not going to be as dramatic as they've made it seem.

And Naima continues her streak as undefeated Cover Girl of the Week.

When we return, the ostriches stand at attention as Keenyah complains to Jay. She interviews that she doesn't feel bad about halting the shoot because Bertini crossed the line in terms of unprofessional behavior. It's true. He's so lascivious. And also, based on the email that one reader sent me, an up-and-coming gay porn star. Jay and the photographer basically tell Keenyah to keep going. She does as Bertini continues to paw her and look at her in a creepy manner. Jay finally tells the guys to back off a little, and to appear interested in Keenyah without actually grabbing her butt. Cut to a shot of the Caress Body Wash, which I guess makes your skin so soft, supple, and fresh-smelling that nasty guys will try to grab your ass even when you don't want them to. And to that I say...sold! Keenyah says that she feels extra pressure and doesn't want to be eliminated for not doing well on the shoot because of Bertini's actions. After she has ended her shoot, she seems shaken up, and says she hopes that this mini-drama will not affect the photo that goes before the judges.

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