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You know who is effortless, though, is Caridee. She is fierce with the elephant snout. Atoosa and Jay are both impressed.

Continuing on the animal theme is bird-woman Eugena, who also appears to do pretty well.

Anchal is a giant lady. You know that she's a giant because she's playing a very tiny violin -- perhaps, in fact, the world's tiniest violin, which she's been playing the whole episode. She struggles a bit. As Anchal gets a makeup touch-up, Atoosa tells her that the best fashion photos always have a "real thing happening." Often that real thing is "boob poking out." Atoosa tells Anchal to get to that place. In other words, she shouldthink about how fat she feels all the time. Atoosa's pep talk seems to have helped Anchal, and Jay tells her that this is the most creative he's ever seen her.

Next is Jaeda, who poses with a big dumbbell. She looks kind of scary. Jay tells her to draw inspiration from the picture of a strong-looking Tyra on display in the house. Jaeda lets out a strong-person scream. Jay tells her that if they could spend less time pulling her out of her shell, they could spend more time making the shot amazing.

Then there is Melrose, who gets accolades from Jay. Atoosa says that Melrose did a phenomenal job, even with her ugly face. Melrose is typically pleased with herself.

Back at home, there is Tyra Mail. Someone is going home. Cut to Anchal eating an ice-cream pop. Megg and A.J. sit outside on the smokers' porch. Megg says that she has intense feelings that she'll be eliminated. A.J. sort of tears up and says she'll be sad to see anybody go. Except, of course, Melrose. Megg says that the element of being there that involves being in the house with catty bitches trashes her soul a little bit. However, even though some other girls there annoy her, she doesn't want to go home because she thinks she has a good chance. Anchal is feeling good about her performance, but says that now everyone in the house is taking really good photos. Anchal is, of course, preparing herself some food. WE GET IT. Jaeda says that her thoughts on the competition have changed. She could go home tomorrow, and in fact feels like she is going to. I totally thought she was going home, too! We were both wrong. Commercials.

We enter judging with a photo of Tyra as a ringmaster. Dude, don't even try it, amateur. Regular Tyra actually looks kind of good, for a change. She commends the girls on all being dressed like real models, which means that they are all wearing jeans and tank tops. There are prizes, there are judges. Atoosa from Seventeen is the guest judge.

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