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Stacey says that she's going to help the girls to use some of their edgy quirkiness in high-fashion posing. She introduces contortionist Jonathan Nosan, who does a backbend for them, and then lifts up his legs and does other Gumby-like things. Stacey says that the girls must do these kinds of poses for fashion editorials. Eugena interviews that she's a pretty flexible, but can't do anything like Jonathan's demonstrating. God, I hope not. That doesn't look healthy. Jonathan says that he's doing extreme posing, but that what the girls will really do is just, like, twist their torsos or stretch out their arms a little bit. Melrose says that she's started doing yoga, so she is pretty confident that she'll be able to do this and get a good pose. I hope this means that she falls on her ass.

The girls get dressed in some '80s tights and leotards and get down on yoga mats while Jonathan shows them some poses. As she stretches her leg above her head, A.J. yells, "It hurts so good!" Bryan Adams is all, "It's Canadian Day, eh? Shout-out!" Megg is cracked up by looking around at the other models. Anchal looks to be pretty flexible, and Stacey commends her on her pose. Anchal says that she was able to get her foot in front of her face, much to the dismay of Melrose, who always wants the spotlight. We see Melrose looking perturbed as Anchal excels. Melrose then bitchily interviews, "I think Anchal does good [sic] in the perspective of contorting, but I would just have to see what a picture would look like." Well, from contorting's perspective, I think it would be pretty good, so shut up, Melrose. As the girls all sit around together, Melrose tells Anchal that she surprised Melrose. Anchal gets a little defensive and asks Melrose why she's surprised; did she not think Anchal could do it? Melrose says that she just didn't know if Anchal could do it. Okay, then.

Anchal wonders aloud why, if she could contort so well, she isn't all skinny. Melrose says that flexibility has nothing to do with being skinny. Anchal wonders why it doesn't burn something (I think she means calories and fat), and Melrose jumps in to say that Anchal needs to do cardio. Anchal says that she does do cardio, and Melrose is all, "No you don't," and Anchal is like, "Yes, I do," and everyone else is bored and/or uncomfortable. Melrose explains in an interview that she was just trying to help Anchal by showing her the reality of the situation, which is that she's the house hoss and has to work that ass out to burn off the pound of Crisco that she eats by the spoonful each night. Anchal rolls her eyes at Melrose, and interviews that she doesn't know why Melrose has to concern herself with Anchal's body. It's because Melrose has to concern herself with anything remotely related to bitchery. ["But also that Anchal was clearly fishing for compliments (the response she was looking for was 'What? You're totally skinny!') and also being ignorant (the hell does she think stretching is going to 'burn'?) and kind of has to deal with a response that assumes she doesn't actually know how exercise works, since it sounded like she doesn't. I'm just saying: people, don't fish for compliments." -- Wing Chun]

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