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Dani(elle) gets to throw the first pitch at a Baltimore Orioles game. Or, I suspect, their farm team. London, Paris, Baltimore! Who says Cover Girl isn't high-fashion?

When we return, the girls are waiting in some room when who should walk in but Tyra. There is whooping. Tyra wants to talk to them about something deep and very important to her: fear. She feels that a lot of people, including herself, can be led by their fears. Do you think Tyra has a fear that she will inflict her terrible skills as talk-show host onto the world? Because to me she seems to be led by that mission. Tyra asks if there's anything that has made any of the girls feel insecure and instilled a fear inside of them. Melrose says that for her it's "the old thing," because she's twenty-three now and put off modeling to go to college. Tyra really says nothing to alleviate the fear, and just pretty much acknowledges that the fashion industry is crazy and that every girl thinks she's a "ticking time clock" and a senior citizen at twenty-eight. Jaeda says that she's still insecure about the hair, and that sometimes she thinks she looks hot, and other times she misses her hair. Tyra says that she likes putting short hair on strong faces, and that it's a compliment to Jaeda that she got that hair, because it means Tyra thinks she can handle it. Jaeda interviews that Tyra thinks she can be a model, but that sometimes Jaeda looks around at the other girls and thinks that she could go home tomorrow. Based on how she looks in the interview she sure could. Youch.

Tyra asks if anybody is struggling with interpersonal relationships. Oh, that was a natural segue. Everyone laughs, and Tyra picks out Melrose to talk. Melrose says that they each find different things they can relate to in one another, and that helps to make them stronger in the competition. Melrose says that there are things (i.e. issues) in everyday life outside of the house that they still have to work through. Melrose is working through having patience and thinking before she talks. Tyra asks whether Melrose says things that hurt other people's feelings. Boy, is Tyra intuitive! How does she know these things without watching the footage or having a lackey summarize the house drama for her? Melrose says yes, and then Tyra asks if anyone has been hurt by something Melrose said. Anchal says that she heard Melrose talking, and begins to tear up. Anchal says that she overheard the girls talking in the Jacuzzi, and that she tried to let it go. Tyra notes that Anchal stores it inside and that it eats her up. Well, at least Anchal doesn't eat it up like she does everything else. Anchal interviews with a very sad face and the voice of Grover that she never had any friends and always got made fun of, which might be hard to believe because of the way she looks now. But it's really hard for Anchal to believe in herself and have self-confidence.

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