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Tyra says that Anchal doesn't stand up for herself, and that she internalizes criticism, and starts to take it out on herself. Tyra relates, because she is the least confrontational person in the world. What she is, though, is relentlessly passive-aggressive, as she talks about an "awful situation" with another model where she couldn't stand up for herself, and was so intimidated and terrified by said other model WHOSE NAME MIGHT BE CAMI NAOMPBELL OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT. Jaeda confessionalizes that Anchal is fake because she says she has no self-confidence, but she knows she's pretty. Tyra says that the fashion industry is dog eat dog, or rather, bitch eat bitch, and that they're all competing for one prize. You cannot let "that girl" get in your head and throw you off-base. Melrose says that she hopes and prays Tyra doesn't see her as a horrible person, but that she does feel singled out as "the mean one." Well, stop being so mean and maybe that won't happen anymore.

Back at home, there is Tyra Mail. "Models aren't necessarily the most beautiful girls in the world. They tend to be gawky, have eyes that are too far apart, and foreheads that are too big. They pretty much are FREAKS of nature." Awww, Tyra got someone to describe her in text! Everyone goes, "OOOOOOOOOH!" and Brooke yells, "Weirdos!" That clip could probably be used in a lot of contexts on this show.

The girls travel to the middle of the desert, about two hours away from their house. They come upon a circus ticket window operated by Jay Manuel. I'm glad that he's embarked on a more fitting career. He tells the girls that they're going to do a dark and moody shoot based on turn-of-the-century freakshow circuses. The judges will be looking for the girls to adapt and perform in this situation. I have to say, it's kind of a cool concept, which probably means Jay didn't think of it. He introduces Mike Rosenthal, the photographer for the shoot. Jay tells the girls to embrace the characters he gives them, which are: the bearded lady for Megg; the strong woman for Jaeda; the cannibal for A.J.; the giant lady for Anchal; the elephant woman for Caridee; the bird lady for Eugena; the rubber girl for Brooke; the woman with the old face and young body for Melrose (HA!); and, of course, Siamese twins for Michelle and Amanda.

The girls head into hair and makeup, where they are done up all crazy-like. Makeup artist Sutan mugs with Caridee's trunk as Caridee makes an elephant noise, and A.J. walks around like she's going to claw people's faces off and then eat them. I bet she got a lot of her inspiration for this character from Monique. Jay calls the girls outside and they meet Atoosa Rubenstein, Editor-in-Chief of Seventeen magazine, who really should have better things to do. She is excited, because careers of many top models were launched at Seventeen. Atoosa has barely said anything, but I find her mysteriously annoying.

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