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Eleven girls stand before Tyra. But she only has ten "phooo-toooos" in her hands. And those photos go to: Jade, Danielle, Brooke, Joanie, Mollie, Sara, Furonda, Leslie, and Nnenna. Gina and Kari remain. So Kari will stay, right? Yeah, that's what I thought too. But Tyra defies all sense of reason. To the surprise of everyone -- including a puzzled-looking (more so than usual) Gina -- Kari is eliminated. Awwww. Kari says that, in her mind, she thought she'd get the picture, and notes that Gina thought she was going home, too. She says that Gina needs to be confident and stick up for herself, because no one else will. Kari is sad to leave the other girls, but also happy to go home.

Coming up: more Janice! She gives the girls posing lessons, and then gets wasted and berates them. Just another day in the life. Also, Gina stands up to Jade! Yes!

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