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And then there's Victoria. Kelly says that Victoria's shot shows her being intergalactically out of it, in the best way possible. Rob loves it too, and Tyra says that the photo is amazing. She has an amazing set but it's not drowning her out. Kelly and Tyra both give Victoria 8s, while Rob gives her a 9. At this point, Bryanboy asks when he's going to see Victoria standing there and being confident in herself. If she makes it through this round, he says, he wants to see her with a happy face. Victoria talks about how she tried to step it up this week, and how she wants more of an opportunity to show the judges what she's capable of. At this point, some looks are thrown around amongst the models behind her, and Tyra asks what's up. Kiara speaks up and says that, as a group, the rest of them are concerned about Victoria and her health. Victoria is incensed, and when Tyra asks if she's sick, Victoria says that she's fine.

Tyra digs a little more, though, and Kristin says that although Victoria claims that she's eating, the rest of them aren't so much seeing it. Victoria says that she eats at shoots, but when she sits down with the other girls it seems like they're all trying to gang up on her. Tyra acknowledges that it must be very difficult for Victoria to stand there with people saying things about her, but at the same time health for a model is one of her priorities not just in this competition, but in life. After all, she says, she's written open letters to every single girl in the world! She has to keep doing this show just so she can afford the postage! Tyra acknowledges that this might all be hearsay, and Victoria says that she misses her mom and doesn't have much of an appetite, but at least is eating enough to technically stay alive. Tyra tells Victoria that it's up to her -- if she survives this week, Tyra will be keeping an eye on her, and if she restricts, she'll have to go home. But what if she restricts her craziness to a manageable level? Well, then she'd probably have to go home too, actually.

Seven beautiful young ladies stand before Tyra, but she has only six photos in her hands. And those photos represent the girls who are still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model. The girl who has the highest total score for the week is Nastasia, with a 42.2 overall and a fan vote of 5.23. Now she gets to be the house queen or whatever. The runner up is Brittany, with a total score of 39.2 and fan vote of 6.4. Kristin is called next, with a total score of 38.1 and a fan vote of 6.13. Then there's Victoria, with a 36.7 overall and a fan vote of 5.7. Tyra respects what everyone in the room has said, including Victoria, but still plans to look into the situation. Victoria assures Tyra that she does not have a disorder, and Tyra congratulates her for still being in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model. Kiara is called next, with a total score of 35.9 and a fan vote of 4.89. People of the world really do not enjoy her.

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