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This leaves Laura and Allyssa in the bottom two. I think Allyssa cries more beautifully than anyone I've ever seen. Laura tries to squeeze out a tear, but she has to know that she's safe. Tyra asks Laura what she's doing there. Last week she blew everyone away with her fierce photo, but this week the model has left the building. Then there's Allyssa, who's beautiful and statuesque, but from week to week something is happening. Something that is not good. And this is a disappointment because Allyssa is the only fiercely real girl left. I mean, of two. If she goes home, Tyra will be personally upset, and millions of fans will be upset. Well, as it turns out, Tyra is going to be upset. Laura has the better score, with a 32.9 overall and a fan vote of 4.94. Allyssa, with a 29.0 and a 5.01 fan vote, will be going home. Laura clutches her blotchy chest and says that she wants this so bad and tried really hard. Tyra encourages her to rip up her photo, and says that she can do better than that.

Tyra hugs Allyssa and actually gets a flicker of emotion as she says that as a black girl with a big butt, she had to try harder. And so Allyssa is going to have to try harder as well. What is waiting for Allyssa, however, is a chance to come back. Tyra wants her to work extra hard in the photo shoots and show that she's representing the curvy girls. Having never modeled before, Allyssa is proud to have gotten this far in the competition. She tells us that fiercely real is more than just a body type -- it's a personality. I mean, technically it's a completely meaningless phrase, but I get her point.

Next week: The models seem to go from concern for Victoria to active dislike of Victoria. Also, go-sees!

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