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For the challenge, the girls will split into two teams, each of which gets an RV, and will make three pit stops en route to Palm Springs. At each pit stop, each girl will take a photo capturing a Random Act of Modeling and record a video segment as well. The best model from the winning team will get to do a segment for Nylon TV for real, and also get $10,000 in her scholarship bank. The girls split up into teams somewhat naturally. Allyssa, Kristin and Brittany instantly lock arms and declare themselves a unit, which leaves Nastasia, Kiara and Victoria to be on a team together. Victoria is not particularly fond of Kiara, but knows that when you're a host for the prestigious Nylon TV, you must deal with all sorts of people. Since Laura is the house president, she gets to choose which team to be on, and goes with Team 1 -- Allyssa, Kristin and Brittany.

The girls pack quickly without the benefit of a shower, and then head out in their RVs. They have drivers, thank God. Team 2 decides that they are going to have an edgy fashion road trip, and Victoria promises to bring out the weird. As opposed to what has she been bringing so far? Now I am concerned too. Kiara tells us that she likes Victoria, in part because she's such a lost, fragile child. She wants to step up and be "that person" for Victoria. By "that person" I think she means person who recommends a good therapist. For their first pit stop, Team 2 winds up at a replica of the Statue of Liberty. Kiara poses in front of a big eagle sub-statue, but this is deemed NOT a random act of modeling. Victoria's pose against the Statue replica also is not a random act of modeling. I guess you have to, like, brush your teeth while posing on the statue. The girls then record their video segments, and as they are finishing up Victoria starts freaking out because she didn't mention Nylon TV in hers. She wants to re-shoot her video, but Kiara is having none of it and shoos her back in the RV.

Team 1, meanwhile, pulls over at an amusement park. Allyssa poses while getting tickets -- this IS a random act of modeling -- and says that she's a total Nylon girl, and her body type is very relatable. Though we have never heard Allyssa categorized as "fiercely real" before, she tells us that her body isn't necessarily plus-sized. It's awesome-sized. It's hard to argue with that when you see her in her full glory. Kristin and Brittany pose in what are NOT random acts of modeling, but then Laura gets it right by fiercely eating cotton candy. It is apparently quite hot and disgusting, and everyone feels sweaty and gross. I have to give them credit for holding up so well in these grimy circumstances. Videos are filmed, and in a hilarious moment Brittany criticizes Laura's video for being too fake. She's nothing but genuine in hers, she says, before we see her blowing a loud kiss to the camera.

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