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For their final pit stop, Team 1 decides to go to a windmill farm. This was Allyssa's idea, because she thought it would make a beautiful backdrop. While that logic makes a certain kind of sense, it turns out that areas with windmills are typically very windy. There are plenty of skirts blowing up, and hair blowing all around, and Brittany even says that her contact blew out. Shouldn't Laura be afraid that she's going to get blown into the side of a cliff or something? Once again, the girls seem to have a very loose grasp on what actually constitutes a Random Act of Modeling, though I'd argue that you can't really blame them for that.

Dirtier and stinkier than ever, the girls show up to a hotel in Palm Springs where Bryanboy awaits. He introduces Nylon editor-in-chief Marvin Scott Jarrett, who will be judging. Marvin Scott Jarrett also looks like he hasn't taken a shower in a week, perhaps to make the girls feel more comfortable. He tells the models that a Nylon girl is comfortable with herself, and has her own personal style. He commends everyone for doing a good job, then gets down to the critique. Kristin has a very Nylon look, and Marvin loves her bathroom shot. Brittany's fierce map read was pretty good, but everything else looked like vacation photos. Allyssa has great energy, but her photos seem too posed. Laura did a great job with her props and locations and seemed to most get the concept of Random Acts of Modeling. Laura smiles really widely, and when she does this I can't help but think that she looks like Monica Lewinsky. Does anyone else see this or am I just crazy? As for Team 2, Nastasia has an innate Nylon look but didn't deliver what Tyra was looking for. Victoria had a good tractor photo, but the rest were too posed. Kiara was probably the only one on her team who understood the concept, particularly when fiercely eating chicken wings. Team 1 is deemed the best, and Laura is the ultimate challenge winner. She gets a 9, while Kristin gets an 8, Brittany gets a 6, Allyssa gets a 7, Kiara gets a 7, Nastasia gets an 8, and Victoria gets a 6.

Given her somewhat poor challenge score, Victoria is of course feeling anxious. She's also drained and dirty and probably just wants to clutch at her mom's legs and hear a nice gentle bedtime story. She tells us that she's trying so hard, but it's slipping out of her hands. She really wants to win this competition for her mom, which I think is odd in itself. Team 1 talks a bit about how Victoria is scared at the increasing likelihood that she will go home. And even though Laura may have won the challenge and is frustratingly good at everything, Allyssa assures us that she is not going to roll over in response.

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