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Next up is Kristin, who gets to drink-slash-pour a whole bunch of milk over herself for her shoot. Johnny tells us that Kristin was trooper, and was a good sport even when she was choking on the milk or it was going up her nose. Of course she's secretly pissed and proceeds to go backstage and complain endlessly. At least she has learned to stifle her stankness when she's on set. Kiara thinks that Kristin should be appreciative that someone is even asking her to pour milk all over herself for a fleeting chance at notoriety. To her credit, Kiara embraces her dumpster-diving set with genuine enthusiasm. She tells us that the whole thing hit a little close to home, since at one point in her life she would in fact find clothing in dumpsters. Kiara was also homeless at one point, and says that her life has been filled with garbage that she can't control. Johnny notes that Kiara is a real competitor and practically jumped in the dumpster. He says that he saw a model in her today. Kiara, meanwhile, is happy about how her life has evolved and appreciates all the opportunities that are being presented to her. She would have poured an extra gallon of milk on herself just for kicks! Even better if it's spoiled!

Nastasia is next, in a shower scene. She lets the water run over her in a sequined dress, and is worried about looking tiny as Douglas continues to tell her to scrunch down. Then there's Allyssa, who has to act like she's drinking soda off the floor of a really dirty industrial kitchen. Douglas and Johnny keep telling her to lift her butt in the air, and at one point they have to instruct her not to actually let her tongue hit the ground. But alas! It is too late. Allyssa now officially has cooties. Johnny tells us that Allyssa is a beautiful girl with a great body, but he doesn't see her as a high fashion model and today she was a little spaced. Douglas thinks that Allyssa kind of got it toward the end of the shoot, but doesn't seem thrilled about her performance. When a roach crawls out from under the stove, Johnny calls it a wrap.

The girls head back to their motel rooms, and Victoria tries to channel some inspiration and encouragement from her mom via psychic mind meld technology. She's generally sort of freaking out at a low-level, and gets upset when she can't find her toothbrush. Kiara and Nastasia tell Victoria to calm down, but she will not. Nastasia tells us that Victoria is about to crack, and that something is a-brewing. And it's not savory broth filled with calories that would counter her obvious malnourishment!

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