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The models return home to find Tyra Mail of Doom. Someone's going home! Allyssa reminds us that she wants this more than anything else in life. Laura, meanwhile, theorizes that Victoria is going to be sent home. Not only did she get a low challenge score, but she's really sick. Laura doesn't explain how, exactly, Victoria is sick, probably because they don't get enough time in the confessional room to even start the list. Victoria then interviews that being away from her mom has been very hard, and adds that with the losing weight and not being able to eat her food, she doesn't want to drop dead over this competition. If we were in the old Janice Dickinson days, she'd just recommend inserting a feeding tube and moving on with the next challenge. Or maybe not even the feeding tube part, really.

Oh no, and then Victoria calls her mom. She instantly bursts into sobs when her mom picks up the phone and says quite loudly how hard being away from her is. All of the other girls can hear it and look a little alarmed at the whole situation. Victoria's mom suggests that she just leave, which is an interesting tactic. I sure do hope Victoria sticks around long enough for some sort of parental visit to take place, because I am quite intrigued to meet this lady. Kristin tells us that you can't be in a competition like this and endure stress if you feel the need to talk to your mom every day to get through it, and Allyssa simply calls her obsessed and cray. She adds, "She's one confused home-schooled human being." As Victoria tells her mom yet again that food has no taste, the other girls talk amongst themselves and seem to agree that she needs to go home and/or to the hospital. Victoria asks for words of advice and encouragement, but before she can get them Kristin yells that her time on the phone is up. Kristin's lack of sympathy is such that she stands there hounding Victoria until she actually hangs up. Victoria's main problem, I think, is that she spends too much of her precious phone minutes crying and freaking out. It's moments like these that make you wonder exactly how rigorous the psych test for this show is.

Once Victoria is off the phone, Nastasia walks up to her and asks if she might need to go home. She tells us that Victoria isn't strong enough to handle the competition, and visual evidence seems to bear out this theory. Nastasia tells Victoria that they never see her eating, and that she works out all the time. It's not good. I would add that Victoria looks REALLY tired, probably because she isn't getting much protein. Victoria argues that all of her calisthenics are for purposes of stress relief, and Nastasia again tells her that she needs to eat more, and that's what's making her sick. I am so sad that the calisthenics ended up being a nefarious factor in this equation! They were my one true joy of this season. Victoria says that she's not trying to lose weight, and Brittany tells her that she looks different from when the competition started and it's concerning. Victoria didn't want this whole issue to be turned into a big scene -- the "on camera" is implicit -- and feels ostracized. Allyssa then brings up her potentially unhealthy attachment to her mom, which doesn't really go anywhere. As Kiara says that Victoria is withering away and that she feels like something big is about to happen, we head to commercials.

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