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When we return, it's panel time. There are prizes, there are judges. All of the models are wearing short black dresses, and Nastasia's hair is straight! Brittany is first to have her stank girl photo evaluated. Rob says that she's got the H2T thing going on -- and because he's British he says, "Haych!" That is like my favorite thing. He thinks the whole photo is very Nylon. Kelly loves it too, and Tyra says that she sees the pure sweet girl, but in character. Fans are apparently positive as well. Brittany gets an 8 from Kelly, a 9 from Rob, and a 10 from Tyra. Next we have Kiara in the dumpster. Kelly says that the shot gets your attention, but Kiara looks a little too fresh to really be in the garbage. Rob, however, loves it. Tyra says that the photo shows how long Kiara's body is, but it skews a little "crime scene." The people of America are still not Kiara fans, even though Bryanboy himself sees potential in her. Kiara gets an 8 from Kelly, a 9 from Rob, and a 7 from Tyra.

Next up is Laura and her toilet bowl photo. Rob says that she isn't selling the puking, and Kelly thinks that it reads too much like a good girl trying to be bad. She looks like a princess doll who got left in the bathroom. Though Tyra thinks that Laura is one of the strongest girls there, she didn't seem like a model in the photo. Laura gets 6s from Rob and Kelly and a 7 from Tyra. She is also super blotchy, which might be sunburn or might be the anxiety of a bad critique. Next up is Kristin. Kelly loves the shot, and thinks she's finally communicating some edge and versatility. Tyra gives her kudos for being so relaxed while pouring milk all over herself, while also selling the clothes. Laura's social media scores went up again, and she gets 8s across the board from the judges.

Nastasia's shower photo is next. Rob thinks that she looks very natural, and says that she doesn't look small in the picture at all. Kelly is also a fan, and Tyra says that she's serving it. The online fans also approve! Nastasia gets a 9 from Kelly and 10s from Rob and Tyra. Next up is Allyssa. The fact that she's licking the floor shows she's committing, says Rob, but she's too aware that a camera is there. Kelly thinks that everything about the photo is perfect... except the modeling. Well, that's got to be a letdown. Allyssa's online scores are falling, and Tyra agrees with one fan that Allyssa needed to smize better. Kelly gives Allyssa a 4 and Rob gives her a 5, while Tyra bucks the trend and gives her an 8, including bonus points for making it through the nastiest shot of the bunch.

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