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Leila is next to go before the panel, and we see a little bit of shit talking about her from the other girls. But she seems so friendly! Leila tells the judges that she's studying textiles, fashion merchandising, and design at the University of Rhode Island. Her only source of income is modeling, and since she's never signed with an agency she's forced to get her gigs herself. Leila loves the gap in her teeth. At one point she closed it up with braces, but let it open up again when she was more comfortable with it. The judges are fans of her gap as well! Rob sees a lot of potential in Leila, and advises her to soak up everything they can teach her to go far in the competition. Cutrone notes that she's going to raise the bar really high, and Leila claims to love all of Kelly's criticism. Tyra, who has apparently been there, tells her that it might SOUND great to get critique from Kelly Cutrone, but then you wind up crying in your pillow at night, which is actually sad and pathetic.

Next up is Harvard Maria. Tyra asks what her fellow Ivy Leaguers think about her being in this competition, and Maria notes that she didn't tell anyone for a while, for reasons that are way way way obvious. Maria starts to cry as she says that people think modeling is a waste of your intelligence. Not if you make crazy money! Modeling has helped Maria to come out of her shell, and given her a big confidence boost. Since she's come out of the closet about modeling, her friends have been very supportive. The Facebook comments on Maria's photo shoot are mixed, and Rob tells her that it's too cutesy for her sexy wardrobe. Cutrone, however, thinks that it's not a bad place to start from.

Then we have Darian from Louisiana State University, with her gorgeous legs, feather boa, and outsized personality. Tyra asks her to pose with Rob, and Darian manages to get her face really, really close to his junk. I think that shows good instincts. Rob likes Darian's confidence, and the judges overall like the fresh, happy energy in her photo.

Then there's Kaci, who is a fashion student at Kent State University. She's also a singer, and does a little freestyle about how she deserves to be on this show more than all the other bitches. At least she didn't use the words "pot ledom." Kelly asks about Kaci's Virgin Mary necklace, and it turns out that it belonged to Kaci's grandmother, who died only three weeks ago. Did Kaci's grandmother live in a dumpster and also beat her when she was a child? Because otherwise this story lacks a distinct element of sob. Kaci's grandmother turned her from dweeb to model, but nobody really cares. The pose in her photo is strong, but she's blocking the light from her face, which is bad. An online commenter claims that Kaci is pretty, but not a model and looks cheesy. Kaci addresses the commenter directly, looking at the wrong camera all the while. Team online commenter! Though as the judges talk we learn that Kaci is from Pittsburgh, so I feel like I should show her some hometown support. She's no Sharon Needles, though, I am sad to say.

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