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Next up we have Jessie, whom all the other models apparently love. Her butt is already legendary! It turns out that Jessie is getting her master's degree in architecture, and knows how to rock a cat print mini-dress. Tyra instantly gets to praising Jessie's world class ass, then tells her that she should have been facing the wall in her photo. Are we going to get a Jessie butt-cam throughout the season? Jessie is cute and delightful about the whole thing.

And then we get to the opposite of cute and delightful -- Kristin. It turns out she's been suspended from high school multiple times for physical and verbal altercations. She tells us while smiling that she's not proud of her brawls, and would never get in a physical fight again since her face is too pretty to scratch up. She IS gorgeous, I hate to admit. We flash to Kristin's photo shoot, in which Kelly Cutrone told her that it's not enough to be pretty -- you have to give different angles and poses. In an interview, Kristin tells us that you CAN be just pretty, and it's worked for her for 19 years. Kelly isn't a fan of her photo, but it turns out that Kristin had the most likes on Facebook. Something tells me that trend will take a swift turn downward now that we've gotten to hear her speak.

Next is Nastasia, from East Stroudsburg University in Pennsylvania. Nastasia can pop-lock, and her knowledge of how to isolate movement is apparently a big help with her posing. She tells us that she might not be the tallest girl in the competition, but she has heart. Also, I would add, amazing hair. Johnny thinks that Nastasia crushed it in her photo shoot, and Nastasia agrees.

Next is Yvonne from UT Austin, who is this season's "fiercely real" girl. She's also Miss Black University of Texas, and has the beauty queen wave down. This will undoubtedly come back to haunt her in every critique throughout the season. Yvonne doesn't get along with her father, for somewhat vague reasons. However, her mom is awesome, and got through college with two kids, which is an inspiration for Yvonne. Yvonne did what Jesse should have done, and turned her butt to the camera. Rob loves it, and Tyra is excited about Yvonne's preexisting tooch. Her numbers are steady on Facebook, but not great. People like that she's showing off her curves, but think she needs to learn how to pose. Rob correctly notes that if Yvonne lets all the skinny bitches in the house get to her, she'll fall apart. Let's hope she has a Cracker Barrel-sized side dish of self confidence to get her through.

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