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Sister Christian, Oh, The Time Has Come

Megg is next and has to throw in a stupid rocker pose. Then there's CariDee, who put a weird black extension amidst her blonde hair. She looks insane, but is actually quite sensible when she says that as a model you can't be sheltered. Twin Amanda is next, and Michelle says that she's the brave twin when it comes to "these sorts of...naked experiences." I love Michelle! Amanda says that it's really slippery on the podium. Gross. Michelle goes, then LeAngela, and then A.J., who says she has no ideas. Christian is next, and says that they are shooting a tasteful nude photo that glorifies the human body, and she has no problem with that. It glorifies the human desire for good ratings, at the very least. And then Ginger hems and haws and refuses to do it. Jaslene doesn't want to hear it. She poses and, man, does she look like a drag queen. Then there is Melrose and Brittany and Anchal. And then, back to Ginger. Brian the photographer says that they can make sure she's covered, or have someone go up there with her, or whatever makes her feel comfortable. Finally, Ginger poses for two pictures and refuses to do anymore. She tells us that she's going to stick to her morals and standards no matter what. Once you're up there and already naked, just go for it, you skank. Becky is of course pissed, and says that it's not fair that she only took two photos and should be automatically eliminated. Why can't they ever get a cool Republican? I'm sure there are some out there, right? Ponder that thought over commercials.

When we return, Tyra and the Jays deliberate. Jay says that Megg was not his favorite, and Tyra notes her faux-rocker mannerisms. However, Jay notes that she does look like a model in her photos. Jay loves LeAngela's airport shot, but her nude photo isn't so great. Megan told a very powerful story (and had the highest rating on the Tragedy-O-Meter!) and Jay thinks that she can handle the modeling business. However, he's a little nervous about her proportions. Miss J. notes that CariDee is ready to give 199%. Tyra wonders what's up with her hair in the nude pic. Miss J. thinks that Eugena is eugenius up close. Tyra says that when she's wrong she doesn't look like a model at all, but when she's right she's great. Miss J. is a fan of Fucking Melrose, and Tyra says that she reminds her of the girls from the late '80s. Apparently, in this era of leggings and skinny jeans, this is a good thing. Jay loves the fact that Christian knows all the Tyra Banks poses, but doesn't see a neck in her nude shot. Tap-dancing Brittany...can tap dance. Jay calls Jaslene Cha Cha DiGregorio, which is totally on and hilarious. Miss J. says that Jaslene's a bit hard. Tyra loves Ginger's face, but her unwillingness to cooperate is a problem. Evita looks vacant, but Tyra thinks she has an amazing and beautiful Native American look. Miss J. sees a great canvas with A.J. Tyra notes that her skin looks alabaster and luminescent in the nude shot, but her face is off. It's true. Jay says that Anchal looks like a Miss World pageant winner, and he doesn't think she's a model. Tyra says that when she looks at Anchal it scares her how pretty she is.

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