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Sister Christian, Oh, The Time Has Come

Then, there is Melrose, whose black velvet blazer and hair make her look old. Tyra helps her clean up and says that she shaved eight years off. No fifteen-year-old I know looks quite that haggard. Nigel says that Melrose could show more emotion, and that she photographs looking old, even with retouching. Tyra reads Jay's comments from the shoot, which note that Melrose was late, and also had a bit of the 'tude. Nigel says that everyone knows he hates girls who are late to his set, which gives the rare opportunity for a flashback to Jenascia. Melrose apologizes and says that it won't happen again.

Next, it's time for Brooke, whose pretty delicate face is lost, according to Nigel. Tyra tells her that she needs to figure out how to make an ugly, pretty face. Nigel says that it's something she can practice, but one thing they don't have is a lot of time. Next is Eugena. Nigel likes the shot, but Twiggy thinks it's bland. Tyra says that Eugena has one of the strongest faces there, so to see her just sitting on it is frustrating. Eugena is sitting on her own face? She should teach a class on that at her local community college.

Then, there is A.J. Light and Dark. Tyra says that she can usually feel a girl's desire when she walks before Panel, but she isn't getting that from A.J. A.J. says that she has low confidence, because she doesn't look like the other girls and has a different thing going on. Oh, A.J., this is entirely the wrong time to fabricate a sob story! Especially one that is at best a 3 on the Tragedy-O-Meter. Nigel points out that tens of thousands of girls tried out for ANTM, and A.J. made it to the final thirteen. She mumbles, "I don't know why." Nigel continues, "So that for some reason breeds insecurity?" Brenda Chenowith would have been a lot more strategic. Nigel asks if she thinks the face in her photo is pretty. A.J. says that it's okay, and Nigel says that he's got news for her: it's one of the best faces they've seen so far. Really, she looks great. Miss J. tells her to try to find her neck, and A.J. says something about how they kept pushing up her collar. Tyra says that A.J. is full of excuses, and demonstrates how to find your neck, even behind a sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 paper. Smashing!

Christian is next, and also needs a lesson in model grooming. Her photo doesn't work for Twiggy, and Christian notes that she didn't really understand the concept. Tyra demonstrates bad acting for the third time in the episode, though the first when it's deliberate. She notes that Jay was frustrated that Christian kept giving him the same face. When Jaeda approaches, Tyra asks if it's chilly in the room. At first I thought that Tyra was noting that Jaeda was a tit nipply, but she actually wants her to take off her suburban mom-like jacket. Nigel tells Jaeda that she needs to work on bringing out her femininity. Tyra says that all of her shots looked the same. Miss J. suggests bringing in some more facial expressions. Wow, I wish I had thought of that. Commercials.

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