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Sister Christian, Oh, The Time Has Come

When we return, the judges deliberate. Twiggy was excited about A.J. and liked her photograph. Tyra says that she didn't realize at casting that A.J. had such a confidence crisis, and Twiggy notes that this whole process might be hard for a confidence-impaired lass. Jaeda has a masculine look, according to Nigel, and Miss J. agrees that she's dragalicious. So much for the hot girl on campus shtick, huh? Eugena has got what it takes, but isn't working it. Amanda's photograph is one of Twiggy's favorites. Nigel says that between Amanda and Michelle, Michelle has the look and confidence, while Amanda has an edgy side. Because he's an expert on everything today, Nigel notes that his wife is a model and an identical twin, and the two of them are constantly up against one another. If you have a competitive edge, it could destroy you. Yay for stuff to look forward to! Also, Nigel's wife is hot.

Twiggy is worried that you can't see Megg's eyes in her photographs, but Nigel says that he thinks she's one of the most attractive girls there when she opens her eyes. Really? Tyra loves that Anchal is getting closer to feeling beautiful. Tyra says something about them all knowing, as people of color, how difficult it can be to love yourself, even though that is, in fact, the greatest love of all. Twiggy is all, "Jolly-o, then!" No one says a word about Anchal's photo, which I actually think is quite good. Miss J. and Twiggy both think Christian is boring. That's what you get when you model yourself on Tyra Banks. Brooke has a great personality, but her photo is mediocre slash ugly. Twiggy likes Megan, even though she doesn't particularly like her photo. She notes that Megan is a bit like Season 5's Kim, and Tyra notes that Megan is softer. But also, if After Ellen can be believed, a lesbian. Nigel says that CariDee got one of the easiest photos, and adds that dumb blonde is resting on easy for CariDee. I think he just called CariDee dumb. Miss J. loves Monique. Twiggy thinks she has a great body and is very interesting and very beautiful. Melrose, according to Miss J., looks a little long in the tooth, but he believes they can young her up. Tyra is disappointed in Melrose's on-set behavior, and gives this helpful advice, "If you a bitch...hide it!" Indeed.

Thirteen ladies, twelve photos. The following folks are in: Michelle, CariDee, A.J., Megan, Anchal, Megg, Monique, Amanda, Jaeda, SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeew (that was a hello from Miss Itty -- there is actually no contestant named SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeew), Eugena, and Brooke. Will Melrose and Christian please step forward? Melrose gets all dramatically teary right away. Christian is boring, and Melrose just kind of sucks in general. But we'll have to wait for another time to savor Melrose's ouster, because she gets at least one more week. Christian is out. As soon as Tyra gives Melrose her photo, Melrose drops to her knees in the most ridiculous display of drama that you have ever seen. Christian, meanwhile, cries with some semblance of dignity. Tyra gives the weeping and shocked Christian a hug. Poor Christian. She thinks that she could have gone far, and didn't see it coming. I guess being the first eliminated is how God smites you for idolizing Tyra Banks.

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