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Next is Megan, twenty-two, from San Francisco, California. Megan says that this is the first opportunity that has presented itself in terms of modeling. Well, then, she hasn't been trying very hard to be a model, has she? Tyra says that she knows Megan has had something very traumatic happen to her. Oh, here we go. Megan says that when she was nine she was in a plane crash. There was bad weather at takeoff, and the plane started rocking. The plane crashed in a big open field. Megan's mother died of hypothermia, but part of her body was on Megan, and that warmth was enough to keep Megan alive. Okay, that's a solid 11 on the Tragedy-O-Meter. Wow. Tyra asks if Megan feels that her mother is an angel for her, and Megan says that she was a wonderful, warm, and caring person. The whole incident opened her eyes to how quickly things can change in life, for better or for worse. She hopes to make it to the top.

Next is Evita, whose tale of woe and a husband in Iraq really pales in comparison to the aforementioned plane crash. Evita says that she wants this more than anything, and isn't going to let her dream go just because she has a family. Jay asks Evita when the last time she cut her hair was, and Evita just looks at him. She is awfully attached to her hair, I guess. Evita tells the other girls that she always wanted to have the all-American family -- the solider and the model and the two little kids. That is some kind of fucked up George W. Bush propaganda that's infiltrated her brain, right there. Evita needed to do this for herself, and this is an accomplishment for her. Eugena, who, we've already learned, has an opinion on everything, says that she doesn't think it's right for Evita to be there with her two little kids at home, especially when she has no chance in hell of being America's Next Top Model. I added that last part. Evita says that she isn't going to sacrifice watching her daughter "take her first crawl" or eat her first food for nothing. Don't cry for her, Argentina, because she'll be on a plane home to them in the next half hour. Commercials.

And then, this....

"This is My Life. Hey, what's up everybody. It's Danielle. But in a city that moves this fast, it's just Dani."

Dani? Just Dani? Really? There's a bunch of crap about the stuff that she is allegedly doing, and then she ends with, "I may be a Cover Girl now, but I'm still the same Dani." She was never Dani to begin with! For some weird reason, this name change makes me furious. Okay, furious might be an overstatement. But I certainly don't like it!

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