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When we return, it is time for A.J. Light and Dark. In her audition video, she says that she wants to show people what it's like to be different, because she's different..."real different." Tyra brings up the fact that A.J. survived cervical cancer. Wow! Okay, that's a 7.5 on the Tragedy-O-Meter. It would be higher if she cried about it instead of seeming so nonchalant. A.J. says that so many people have had it worse, but it was an emotionally difficult thing to go through. Tyra notes that cervical cancer is more common in women than people think, and A.J. statistic-izes that one in three sexually active women get the virus that causes cervical cancer. She is talking about HPV, and if you don't know anything about it, follow the link. For reals. Jay asks A.J. why she wants to be America's Next Top Model. A.J. says she wants to show people that you don't have to be the typical blonde beauty and voices over that recent events have shown her she can take anything that's thrown at her. Miss J. loves the way A.J. looks, and Tyra agrees that she could be a diamond in the rough.

And then, there is Cyndel, twenty, from Wichita, Kansas, who swirls her way in. Tyra asks Cyndel where she works. Cyndel says that she's an entertainer at a place called "Jezebels." Yeah, you know what that means, and so does Miss Tyra Banks. Cyndel interviews that she's an entertainer, not a stripper, and that there's a big difference. Dude, your name is Cyndel. Just own the fact that you're a stripper, already. Cyndel tells Panel that stripping is really just one more facet of the modeling industry. Seriously, you do not say that to Tyra Banks. Tyra gets that moralistic, self-righteous thing going on, and says that stripping is not a part of modeling. She says that she's not judging Cyndel (HA!) but reiterates that it's not a part of modeling. Okay, I agree. But it might be modeling's snaggletoothed, trailer-park resident second cousin. I'm just saying. Cyndel says that she hopes they don't get the wrong impression, and that the judges will love her. After she leaves, Tyra says with a mouthful of irony that she thinks Cyndel will be happy being a stripper, because it's the same as modeling. Hey everyone, do me a favor, and do a Google image search of Tyra Banks. I'm just saying. In any case, Cyndel's not making it to the next round of anything.

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