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After commercials, we return to the judging panel with a photo of Tyra vs. herself, one with giant weave and one with cornrows. She tells the girls that they got glamorous makeovers and also had to suffer through that personal-style bullshit. She reviews the prizes and reintroduces the judges. Jay has that corsage on again, and Twiggy is wearing an animal-print blazer and looks lovely. James St. James is the guest judge and looks better when not in the giant orange clown dress. Tyra tells the girls that each will be judged against her partner for the photo shoot.

Nigel tells both Coryn and Sarah as the approach that they need to show more confidence. Tyra notes that Coryn's outfit does not match her new, more sophisticated personal style, and Miss J. gives her a ticket for a fashion violation. He is really full of the gimmicks. I miss Janice's gimmick, which was "mean." They review the photos, and Twiggy praises Sarah's haircut, which has totally transformed her. The judges also love Coryn's close-up, and Miss J. notes that she looks a little like Tyra. Tyra says that she sees it and secretly starts worrying about her testosterone levels.

Kim and Kyle are next. Twiggy loves the way Kim moves as well as her unique style. I guess Twiggy has never been to a dyke bar. Tyra loves Kyle's makeover. She tells Kim that she would like to see her in a photo with her face forward. Nigel says that Kyle has all that it takes to be a model but doesn't have to try so hard.

Cassandra and Jayla approach. Nigel says that he is in love with Cassandra's new look, which I find odd. ["Tyra told him to say that so that Cassandra would believe she could still be attractive to straight men, of whom Nigel is the first to see her in this episode." -- Wing Chun] Tyra says that she's not happy with it because it's not what she told the stylists to do. She wants the really close cropped Mia Farrow look, to highlight Cassandra's face. Twiggy notes that she used to have long hair and was in shock for about a week after she got her signature short cut, but that it changed her life. Tyra says that if Cassandra lasts the week, they're going to give her the cut Tyra intended. They then basically tell her that she's failed miserably at her personal style, because she has. The judges don't like Jayla's makeover either, saying that the hair weighs her down. Tyra tells her that if she lasts a week she'll get it cut off as well, and Jayla takes it in stride. Twiggy notes that Jayla was squinting in her shot and Jayla says that she has extremely sensitive eyes. Tyra gives her the old modeling trick of closing your eyes for three seconds then opening them with a "bam!" when it's time for the shot. Nigel speculates that Cassandra still wasn't over her hair during her shoot. She says she was but guesses it didn't come off that way. She sounds totally defeated, which is kind of amusing.

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