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And now to the good part. Tyra says that Cassandra has poise and is beautiful, but has too much of a bland beauty-queen thing going on in the judging room. The other girls laugh because it is true and they totally hate Cassandra. Tyra says it makes her ask who the real girl is under all that hair. She asks Cassandra if she's ever seen Rosemary's Baby, starring Mia Farrow. We cut to Kim who pumps her fist and mouths, "Yes," for what I'm sure is the first time in her life. Tyra explains that Mia Farrow's hair was lighter than Cassandra's and about an inch short. A look of panic flashes across Cassandra's face, followed by tears. Jay says that they're not cutting Cassandra's hair just to cut her hair, which is a total lie because they are absolutely doing it to fuck with her. Tyra says that Cassandra's face is strong enough to handle it, which I don't know about either. Tyra asks Cassandra why she's crying, and Cassandra sobs, "I love my hair." Tyra says that it will always grow back. But really, it is going to take a loooong time. Ebony interviews that it sucks for Cassandra, but that this is the opportunity of a lifetime, so she needs to suck it up. Tyra tells the girls that they're also going to have a photo shoot in which they'll represent their looks to the tenth power. Jay says that, on top of that, he's going to give each girl her own style to adopt. All of this is typially cryptic, and does nothing to ease Cassandra's tiny little mind.

The girls hang around the salon. Most of them are excited, but Cassandra sobs that she's always had her hair. Lisa tells her that if she's had her hair her whole life, it needs to go. In an interview, she condescendingly agrees to trade and says, "You can stay the beauty queen if you WANT TO." She does kind of have a point, even if she expresses it in the most obnoxious fashion. A stylist works on Cassandra; Ebony notes that it's good to see Cassandra showing some emotion, and that this is the first time during the competition that she's seemed remotely human. The stylist kind of laughs at a crying Cassandra and asks if she's ready. She sobs, "I don't want to watch." He cuts a big hunk off and says, "Bye bye." Sensitive music plays as the other girls look on. Jay comforts her as she says it's a really big shock. He reminds her that in casting, she said she's very easy to work with and would do what they told her to. He says that they have to trust them, which makes me want to scream "DO NOT TRUST THESE PEOPLE BECAUSE THEY ARE INCOMPETENT AND THEY LIE." Cassandra says that she knows, and that it's taken a lot out of her, but she did it.

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