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James St. James twirls around as the girls make their way back to the rooftop "just in the nick of time." He says that he'll be looking to see how much each outfit represents the "new you," and how much each girl was able to bring to the outfit. Kyle goes first, and James tells her that she has a bold face and can wear bigger accessories. Jayla is not as sophisticated as she should be. Cassandra needs to be bolder and own her new look. James tells Kim that she could embrace a bit more of her femininity. And I don't know why with $500 she couldn't buy herself something other than another pair of knee-length shorts and a white jacket. James tells Coryn that she has too many accessories, and that he'd get rid of the shawl. Sarah can still be preppy without being so washed out. James tells Lisa that he's not sure if her look reads "supermodel," but that she has captured the essence of personal style. On Ebony's top, he says, "Two words: Um, ew," and I immediately ban him from the forums. Ebony laments that the other girls told her to buy it. Nicole, whose shoe broke, should be more deconstructed and "rattier." The next time I show up to work in dirty pants and a hoodie, I am just going to say that I'm deconstructed. Diane is fabulous. Nik is fantastic, but should beware of over-accessorizing. Bre looks good but her belt is too "1999/2000."

James announces that the winner is Lisa. And really, she has a bit of an advantage. She chooses Ebony and Kim to share in her prize. Kim interviews that she thought she should have won because she has better style than most/all of the other girls there. Tell it to the knickers, sister. Lisa gets to keep her outfit, and also choose three items from the other girls. Ebony and Kim each get to choose one item from the other girls. Kim says she wants Kyle's pants, but what she really wants is to be in Kyle's pants. And really, who wouldn't. Free Blizzards! But in any case, Kyle's pants are the same knee-length knickers that Kim is so fond of, so it doesn't really come as a surprise. Sarah interviews that it's hard to see Lisa win because she's a bossy, snotty know-it-all. James tells the girls not to be afraid of fashion and always to have fun dressing up, and then bids them adieu and goes back to his day job as a safety cone.

Back at home, Lisa is slurring some instructions about posing to the other girls. Ebony interviews that, coming off her win, Lisa was feeling perhaps a little too good about herself. Ah, the thrill of victory and the taste of tequila. Lisa interviews that she wants the competition to be as fierce as possible and wants to know that she won the competition with the girls trying their hardest and even having the benefit of her help. She looks markedly unattractive as she says this. She continues to slur, "Put your feet together. Keep your knees straight. Bend forward. Touch your toes." Calm down, there, Posture Pete. Kim mouths, "Shut up," behind Lisa's back, and Kyle interviews that if she were more perceptive, Lisa might have gotten the vibe that they didn't want to talk to her. Kim interviews that Lisa's stance as a model expert is tiring because she's constantly showing people what to do. Lisa yells, "Now get to bed!" and turns around and drunkenly bumps into a wall. Kim mocks Lisa after she leaves, and the other girls laugh as we head to commercials.

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