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There is commentary. Michelle notes that Tyra has a weave. Brooke holds the microphone upside down. Eugena says that Mr. and Miss J. in their matching black eyeliner look like they just got back from a funeral. Liberace's funeral, maybe. Amanda says that Miss J. looks lovely in his dress. She quickly corrects that to "gown." Brooke wonders what Miss J. has under that dress. Caridee notes that people at home should take notes on Miss J., because this is what professionals do. Professional whats? Eugena says that Miss J. looks like he's wearing a big trash bag. Jaeda and A.J. just suck. Anchal, too. She says how nervous she is, and the panel starts talking about food. Anchal is like, "Finally, the promise of the Vittles will be realized!"

It's time for photo evaluations. Caridee did well on the commentary, and also on the photo. She manages to look both Angelina-ish and Bradly masculine.

Jaeda's commentary was terrible, but her photo is anything but hell to the naw. Her Bobby Brown gets raves, but Nigel notes that her eyes as Whitney look worried. Whatever, Whitney's got some things on her mind these days. Twiggy tells Jaeda to get over her fear.

Brooke was a great fashion correspondent. Tyra says that Brooke is working the snake in her photo, and Matthew says that she nailed it. Tyra says that Brooke gave off a good homeboy kind of vibe as K-Fed, which causes Brooke to remind us that she can rap. The return of Farty G! Tyra asks Brooke to rap about the picture. For the love of God, make it stop.

Amanda was way too timid in her commentating, but the judges love her photo. Tyra says that it's the most convincing shot, and Miss J. agrees. Tyra says that Amanda has the sultry, relaxed energy of Demi Moore, and Nigel says that the photo proves she can be a true chameleon.

Eugena was a little Joan Rivers in her commentating, but Tyra notes that it's the kind of stuff that people sitting on the couch want to hear. When Eugena's photo comes up, Twiggy asks if Jay-Z is a pop star. Tyra tells her that Jay-Z is a rapper, and then starts cracking up. People do the exact same thing when Twiggy asks them if Tyra Banks is a talk-show host. Nigel says that Eugena looks like Beyoncé, but that her eyes could still have more life. Tyra tries to hypnotize the audience with her crazy Beyoncé eyes. Look away!

A.J.'s commentary was like bad public-access television. Her J. Lo and Marc Anthony photo is cheesy. An evil guy with a soul patch in the background is managing to steal the shot. Nigel says that A.J. has such a strong character of her own, and seems to be afraid that she's going to lose it. Twiggy says that it's a shame, because A.J. has given some fabulous photographs. A.J. looks like she could give two shits.

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