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Then there is Michelle. Her commentating delivery was very staccato, and she lost points for mentioning Tyra's weave. Michelle's Ellen and Portia photo looks like love. Jay said that Michelle's Ellen was frighteningly good. Matthew says that Michelle's Ellen was great, and Tyra adds that her eyes are closed as Portia, but that she's still pretty.

Melrose is great all around. Twiggy cracks up at how good her Donald Trump photo is, and Tyra commends her regal portrayal of Melania. Whatever, she's good. You have to hand it to her. Even if she's still freaking me out as that freaky little Trump man.

Anchal knows that her commentary sucked. Tyra tells Anchal that she has two idols in her life. One is her mother, and one is Oprah. Anchal did Tyra proud with her Oprah. However, she looks like a damn freak as Stedman. Tyra quite correctly blames the hair and makeup people, and says that they should be shot. I think they should be forced to wear that wig out in public for a week. Tyra asks Anchal how it felt to portray such a powerful and inspiring woman as Oprah. Tyra should know. Anchal says that she tried to portray the confidence of Oprah, who spends a million dollars a week and flies to get doughnuts. The panel makes fun of Anchal, who is really kind of a dumb-ass and therefore deserves it.

The judges deliberate. Melrose is awesome, yes, we know. Eugena is so-so. Jaeda has no confidence. Caridee is extraordinary, according to Twiggy, and Matthew loves her too. Brooke's picture and commentary were strong. A.J. wants to do dark rather than glamour, says Tyra, but as a model you have to do everything. But, notes Twiggy, A.J.'s had some great photographs. Matthew thinks Amanda has potential. Michelle really got her shot. Matthew prefers Amanda, and Nigel prefers Michelle. Anchal is an insecure mess in person. And then the judges do a really hammy bit with doughnuts, and Tyra talks with her mouth full. I guess we should be surprised that she ever talks with her mouth empty.

There are nine girls, and eight photos. Brooke, Melrose, Amanda, Caridee, Michelle, Eugena, and Anchal are still in. This, of course, leaves three-times-a-loser Jaeda, and A.J. The judges aren't sure how much either girl cares. A.J. takes beautiful photographs, but doesn't seem to have the desire to model. A.J. kind of rolls her eyes at this. Jaeda hasn't had strong pictures, but hasn't shown the confidence and caring that overshadows them. She came in to Panel defeated and almost above the judging test. The competition is about caring and passion, says Tyra, but neither of the girls showed that. Except when one of them was Bobby Brown. Who woulda thought? So Jaeda gets another chance, and A.J. goes home. She tells Melrose that she realizes she has it, and should be nice. Has what? Crabs? A borderline personality disorder? What? A.J. says that Tyra eliminated her for the right reasons, and that she's glad that she gave up her spot if it's for a more deserving girl. She thinks she could have subconsciously sabotaged herself, but that what's done is done. It's a shame, that one. I thought A.J. was a contender. So did the nation, as A.J. was named Cover Girl of the Week! And she's not even a lesbian!

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