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And damn, I haven't seen Tyra really go off Susan Powter-style since Nolé tried to sneak that last barbeque wing when he thought she wasn't looking. And not to steal Tyra's thunder, but I can't believe they didn't give us one Janice reaction shot throughout that whole thing. And also…calm down, Tyra. And also…it's your show. You're allowed to edit out the parts where you look like an idiot.

Rebecca says that she's never seen Tyra act that way, but she's angry because Tiffany treats the competition as a joke. As she's packing, Tiffany mumbles, "I'm not gonna break down for you or nobody else. You ain't done shit for me besides bring me here and put me through hell these weeks." Which, point. Rebecca says that Tyra might be right about Tiffany. Tiffany cries and says that she tried to hang in there for her grandma and her child. Rebecca is disappointed but grateful for the experience and excited about going home to get married. In an interview that appears to be filmed a bit later (specifically, after Tyra has given Tiffany a lump sum of cash), Tiffany says that she was being disrespectful, and that Tyra yelling at her really means that she does care. She has the utmost respect for Tyra, and it's cool to know that Tyra really, really cares enough to blow out her eardrum and berate her in front of her competitors and a nation. She's now going home to scream a whole lot at her grandma and child so they know just how much she loves them.

Coming up: Everyone is on edge after Tyra's freak-out. The models are put in the spotlight as they appear to interview each other. There is an exciting celebrity mystery guest. And a personal tragedy challenges the focus of Kahlen, who is standing in front of an empty grave.

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