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The girls are made up and have long, luxurious hair attached to their heads. We see close-ups of the frilly Wonderbras. Brittany is first and says that she's going to give the shoot her all, and that she definitely has the sex appeal that they're looking for. Jay and Kwaku remind Brittany that she's selling the bra. "It's all about the bra!" yells Kwaku. Brittany looks slammin' hot. She tussles with Rib in a mock pillow-fight as Jay releases feathers in front of a fan. So, there are lots of feathers everywhere. Jay says that the feathers and the wind and the Rib were a bit much, but a top model must be aware of everything. Jay says that Brittany was amazing. He also tells us that Tatiana was totally uninhibited with Rib, but wasn't as aware of selling the product. We see her rolling around with him and squealing. After her shoot, Mathu says that she looks beautiful and asks if she had fun. She says she did. Another makeup artist asks if she felt any "chemistry" -- i.e. Ribwood -- and she says no. They think she's lying. I don't, because I think Rib's a big queer. Rebecca looks nervous and says that the shoot scared the bejeezus out of her.

Keenyah poses with her fabulous looking cleavage, and Jay yells that she needs more fire. Kwaku says that Keenyah didn't find a connection and couldn't do it. Backstage, a hair guy asks Kahlen if she's eager to jump around with Rib, and she shakes her head no. She interviews that generally she is not confident going into the photo shoots, and that she doesn't want that to be the reason she goes home. Jay and others yell at Kahlen not to be afraid of Rib. Rib interviews that she was obviously uncomfortable in that kind of an intimate setting, and that she should work on this because as a model you often have to pose with a partner. Jay tells Tiffany that she needs to make the shoot believable. She interviews that the whole thing is silly, and that her mind has shut off and she can't get into character. Perhaps she should try talking dirty to Rib in a Cockney accent. Jay tells us that Tiffany wouldn't let go or let Rib in. And…ew. She says that if she doesn't have a good photo they may send her home, but she can't change that.

Christina is next, and Kwaku yells at her to have fun. She prissily whacks Rib with the pillow. Kwaku says that it was very hot. Naima says, "I got hair," as she gets some extensions that leave the shaved sides of her Mohawk in tact. So really, it's kind of like a very glamorous mullet. She tussles with Rib and says that it was very hard to keep her mind in the shoot because she was choking on feathers. A feather-covered Jay says that they all have hairballs and coughs. And don't try to convince us that you haven't tamed that gag reflex over the years, Mr. Jay. Despite the fact that she looks hot in her black undies, Rebecca says that her anxiety was building all day long and all she wanted to do was get the shot and get out of there. Kwaku tells her that she and Rib look sexy together. She appears to be doing well, and says that she put Todd's face on Rib's body. She struggled through, but says that the whole thing was more uncomfortable and emotional than one might expect. She picks feathers from her mouth. Kwaku says that Rebecca lost it, and could have been more aggressive. Rib leans his head on Jay's shoulder as they look over the photos.

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