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Nik is next. Her held pose was best, according to Nigel, and her poses looked photographical and beautiful. Tyra tells Nik, however, that "stoic" means "devoid of emotion." Nik had no idea, and thought it meant "holding bowls of birdseed." I am not kidding. Tyra notes that Nik won the challenge for the week; the judges clap and Nigel says, "Well done, sweetheart." Nik's Vitruvian Man is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Barry gives her big kudos. Tyra says that she chose this pose for Bre because she's always looking off to the side. Twiggy says that she looks fantastic face-on, and Nigel tells her that she needs to look at the picture and realize how gorgeous she looks straight on.

Bre was so-so in the posing challenge, and lifted her eyes up to the bosom of Jesus, according to Miss J. I guess that's when God told her his likes and dislikes. Bre's Mona Lisa photo is not that good, despite what the judges say. Miss J. says that he loves how she looks like Monesha Shecresha and a bunch of other ghetto names. Nigel says that she's done a great job and looks like an African princess. Tyra notes that Mr. Jay said Bre did the best job of capturing the mood of the artwork...

...but that she displayed "classic Showgirl Syndrome," which means that Bre may be insecure around Nicole, and that it sometimes made her go for the jugular. Bre counters that she was very professional, and that, whatever was going on at home, she didn't talk about it on the shoot. She says that everybody -- including Nicole -- could vouch for her on that. I actually do think that if Kim hadn't started with Bre, she wouldn't have brought it up at all during the shoot. Nicole makes a face, because she can read my mind. Tyra asks Bre, "So you think you were perfect?" We see shots of Bre saying that she wants a corner, and that Kim shouldn't talk to her. Cut back to Panel, where Bre says, "Yes, I do, because I don't carry myself like that and I totally disagree." Tyra says that obviously there is something wrong, and in this case it's Bre's answer. Bre says that Kim came up to her and told her that the girls had been talking about it all morning. Kim then pipes up to say that that's not what she said, and that she just said, "If you did this, it's not a big deal, just replace it." Bre says that Kim said they had been talking about it, and Kim says she swears on her life that she never said that. Tyra asks Nicole what happened, since she seems to be in the middle. Nicole says that a few energy drinks were stolen from her, and that it was really dumb, and that she asked Bre to replace what she took. She says that it kind of went from there. Miss J. asks if Bre took something from Nicole. She says that she did, but only because she thought her stuff was taken by Nicole. Tyra says it's interesting that Bre retaliated based on an assumption. She says that even if you know another person is in the wrong, retaliating is very juvenile. She tells a story about living in an apartment with ten other models when she was eighteen, and late one night one of the other models woke her up saying, "Bitch, you stole my alarm clock!" Ah, Naomi and Tyra: the early years. Tyra says that the other model went so far as to go through Tyra's things, but that she was wrong. Oh, please. I bet Tyra could pull three alarm clocks out of her halter top right now. Bre says that her behavior was juvenile and that she was wrong. She doesn't mean a word of it.

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